Is It Possible To Become A Successful Betting Punter?

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If you love watching sport on TV it is very likely that you will also like the added adrenaline of placing a bet. But is it possible to consistently beat the bookmakers and make a living out of it?

It is everyone dream to sit comfortably on a sofa and make money while watching your favourite sport on TV with a beer in your hands.

Well, in most cases this scenario is in fact a bookmaker dream as it is likely that they will be at the receiving end of your cash. But is it always true? Can we adopt some successful strategies that allow us to make a profit in the medium/long term? Difficult but possible.


A bit like Poker

Sportsbetting is a bit like Poker.

There are some successful punters that manage to get an edge over bookmakers and make a living out of their betting activity.

In order to do so they are very consistent and as we have found on they go through a checklist similar to the one below:

1 – They only bet on leagues/events where they have great knowledge and can spot when odds proposed by bookmakers are too generous.

2 – They have a strict bankroll management – Some days are just bad and there is nothing we can do about that. In order to be a profitable long term players you have to accept this and manage liability so that the impact of a ‘bad day in the office’ will be reduced.

3 – They have a portfolio of accounts with several bookmakers – odds are like item prices. From one shop to another they can vary significantly. A mistake you can’t make is to accept odds that are in some cases 10-15% shorter than with another operators.

In the long run, picking the right odds, can well make the difference between a winner or a losing players. Having a large portfolio of accounts allow you to place the bet where you get the better return.

4 – Only bet what you can afford to lose!


Tips do help, but try them out first

So if you follow the above rules you will increase significantly the chances of being a long term profitable betting players. Try it out but don’t leave your daily job as yet!


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