5 Unusual Sporting Locations

People all over the world love sport. Sports like skiing, soccer and golf are popular across the globe, but it’s fair to say there are certain places you’d never expect to see them. However, it’s time to think again. If you’ve ever wanted to go skiing in the dessert or play golf alongside an active volcano then read on!


Skiing: Dubai, UAE

A city in the middle of the desert is hardly the most natural place to go skiing. Even in the middle of winter the temperature doesn’t drop below 14 degrees Celsius, and in the summer temperatures have been known to reach a staggering 49 degrees. It’s not surprising then that all the slopes at “Ski Dubai” are found indoors. It’s not your average indoor snow dome though as it’s home to a 60- metre tall indoor mountain and 5 slopes, one of which was the world’s first indoor black run.


Cricket: St Moritz, Switzerland

Now unlike Dubai St Moritz is a resort that you would normally associate with skiing. However, as this is a list of unusual sporting locations we’re here to talk about cricket. “Cricket on Ice” takes place every February on the resorts frozen lake! The annual event, which is now in its 25th year, has gone from strength to strength and now attracts international players and business men from all over the world.


Golf: Mount Merapi, Indonesia.

The Merapi Golf Course is considered to be one of the hottest golf courses in the world. However, the temperature is not enough on its own to get the course onto this list. What makes the course so unusual is that Mount Merapi, on the rim of which the course is located, is an active volcano! In fact when the volcano erupted in October 2010 the course had to be closed on several occasions as a result of “volcanic material” damaging the course. They’re really going that extra mile with the hazards.


Soccer: Jungfrau Mountain, Switzerland

In 2008 Austria faced Switzerland in the snowy surroundings of the Jungfrau Mountain, at a staggering 3,454 metres above sea level. The match was arranged as a publicity stunt to promote Euro 2008 which was co-hosted by the two countries. Unfortunately this high altitude preparation wasn’t particularly beneficial, as neither country managed to make it past the group phase.


Golf: Panmunjom, Korean Border

These golfers love a bit of danger don’t they! Panmunjom is home to Camp Bonifas, which is the nearest military base to North Korea. Not the most obvious location for a golf course then. The course only has one hole (which is a 192 yard Par 3 if you’re interested) and is right on the world’s most heavily fortified military border. If you miss the fairway at Panmujom it’s probably best to leave your ball and take a drop, as the fairway is surrounded by landmines.

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