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I can’t really think of a way to begin this piece so I’ll just get on with what I wanted to say. Well not so much say, more rant. This season has caused a lot of Arsenal’s fans to rant. We’ve literally exploded. And forgive the cliché but it has been an emotional rollercoaster. 

From that game against United where we conceded some goals – I forget how many – to the return of Thierry Henry, it’s been an incredibly memorable yet forgettable season (that makes sense in my head).

I for one am fed up with the “#WengerOut” lot calling for his head without reason.”Team’s good but the manager’s crap” – Well, who built the bleedin’ team? Wenger did. “I’ll understand if van Persie leaves, he’s better than us” – Who signed and made him that good? Wenger did. “Wenger should play Ox more, he’s lost it if he doesn’t” – Yes, because playing Jack so much at that age has worked wonders hasn’t it? It’s called ‘learning from mistakes’.

Yes, the man has made mistakes, but he is human for God’s sake. But the great things he’s done far outweigh the bad. And we haven’t won a trophy for 7 years, what’s the rush? Admittedly for a club like Arsenal 7 years is a bad run, but with all things considered it really doesn’t bother me to the extent that I worry about our future. We’ve been established for 125 years, 7 is pretty damn small in comparison.

Do you really want us to be like Chelsea? A team we criticise for changing managers when they don’t succeed, yet it seems you’ll be happy for us to follow their lead? Plus, with the new stadium we’ve had debt needing to be paid off so money hasn’t been the greatest, yet, we’re competing with the top 4 year in, year out. 

More money will be made available as years go on. It’s no coincidence this trophyless run has come at the same time of a new stadium. We may be one of the richest clubs in the world but most of that money goes towards paying off the stadium debts. 

Realistically, we should be a mid table team after our move to The Emirates, but we’re not. Why? Because of Wenger. We’re going through a bad-ish patch, it’s called transitioning. We’ve sold our best players to raise funds but we still compete. Who is it who builds team after team to compete in the top 4? Oh surprise, surprise, it’s Arsène Wenger again.

The Podolski signing shows early intent. You could say we’ve somewhat declined, yes, but there’s no reason to be so down. We’ve got a strong team, a great one but the mentality is awful. Get that and injuries sorted and we’re laughing. 

Things need to be considered before we slam the club for not succeeding. I understand 7 years for a club like us is a bad thing but success is not a given right. 

Manchester United (almost certainly) won’t win anything this season. Fergie out? Obviously, one season is not as bad as 7, but there’s a lot more that comes into it. We shouldn’t demand success when there’s more beyond the surface. It does seem like some fans would rather we failed so they could gloat how they were right and use it as fuel for their fire. It is, quite simply, ridiculous.

I want the best for the club definitely, however, I don’t believe there is another manager in the world who can deal with our finances (reliant on Champions League Qualification) and the pressure this brings. Any man walking in Wenger’s shoes would break down with blisters.

The sad reality is that the current situation has divided the fans. You’re either Wenger Out or Arsène Knows Best. There’s no middle ground. Well to be honest, I am in the middle. I know one day enough may be enough but while there are reasons and things to be considered, I am fully behind Arsène.

We all think we know best when actually we do not. We’re all fans who want the same thing. I understand some will disagree with me, probably more than some to be fair, but some will also agree with me, and that’s a football fan tradition; debates aplenty.

Fair enough if you want him sacked, your opinion and I respect that. As long as you have reason and aren’t just following the crowd. I accept there are problems at the club but I’d like to see some support for the club as well, as we are, y’know, “supporters”. You can criticise Wenger and be right, yes, but you can also praise him and be right too.

This obviously doesn’t mean I’m ignoring the problems, it’s merely a rant in defence as I haven’t seen many unfortunately. The team deserves criticism for sure but I don’t like to delve into the negative as it makes me feel, well, negative. I prefer to save all that for Twitter.

I am an optimistic pessimist but in situations like this the optimistic side shows, and when we play, my pessimistic side shows. So if you’re someone who’s generally a pessimist, you probably won’t like this, though it’s too late as you’ve already read it as this is the end. 

Thank you for reading. Til next time.

Written by Ryan Goodenough
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