Arsenal need to start acting like a big club and sack Wenger

Part 1: The Mistake

Arsenal have long been in a sense of struggle and many have their idea of who is to blame, but in my opinion the one true mistake came at the hands of the powers that be last summer.

Arsene Wenger’s contract was soon to expire and Arsenal had failed to secure a place in the Champions League for the first time in 21 years. Even before the club’s FA Cup win, the board had told Wenger it was completely up to him regarding a contract extension.

It’s not good enough, you need to be ruthless in running a football club, yet they somehow just seem happy to watch them fail on the pitch due to the club’s financial situation off the pitch being as healthy as they’d like.


Ambitionless Arsenal

In 2018, clubs are willing to part with large sums to sign players they see as worthy of improving their squad. Arsenal haven’t followed that trend and have watched themselves fall behind.

We can’t pretend that the problem isn’t a lot bigger than not spending enough, because it is. But for me, the biggest reason for the fall is the lack of ambition the club have shown.

There is little desire to improve the squad, with a strict ‘spend as little as possible’ approach to keeping Arsenal near the top and Arsene cannot blame the money men for this, his signings haven’t been good enough and he’s repeated many a time that he is happy with the players at his disposal and continued to manage a squad evidently not worthy of top tier success, without urging the club to show strength in the market.

I wish I could say he got the best out of his players, but he hasn’t.


The need for wide scale changes

Arsenal need change from top to bottom. It’s going to take time and patience, a rarity in football.

The Arsenal board should have shown power in telling Arsene Wenger that the failure to qualify for the Champions League, despite winning the FA Cup, was too costly and the club could not just let it slide.

They should have released the Frenchman at the end of his contract with their thanks for everything he has done for them over the years and appointed a manager they believe can bring about real change.

They are now further behind and something needs to be done, this summer at the very latest.


Willingness to spend

People will disapprove but it’s just simply the way now, the only way back in this footballing era is to spend, spend and spend more.

I’ve seen Arsenal fans say ‘but we’ve spent £100m on 2 strikers’, it’s not enough!

They need to go about their business alike to that of Manchester City have done since Guardiola’s appointment, whilst carefully ensuring avoidance to any sanctions from UEFA’s Financial Fair Play policy.


Written by Jordan Hackett

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