Arsenal Season Review…. In A Poem

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I’m planning to write a proper season summary after the West Brom game, so before I do that I thought it’d be nice to do an introduction to the mentioned summary by writing a poem about Arsenal’s season. 

So get a hold of my rhyming skills that pay the bills and give you thrills, innit.

There was a team called Arsenal

I can’t think of anything that rhymes with that so, Arsenal

We went to Malaysia for our pre-season

To be optimistic there was every reason

Then there was the Emirates Cup

But we’ll ignore that because we f*cked up

The season started with a draw against the black & whites

Where Gervinho was sent off for a fight

Then there was a game at Old Trafford

Wait, we played at Old Trafford? I can’t remember what happened

We lost Cesc Fabregas and then Samir Nasri

One went to Barca the other to Lloyds TSB

We signed some players, Arteta, Per, Santos, Yossi & Park

Although I think Chu was only signed for a laugh

We had a bad run, losing quite a few

But we beat Sunderland, and then BOOM!

We beat a lot of teams including Chelsea


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A goal for Theo and Santos and a hat-trick for van Persie

That’s why we’re the best team the world has ever seen [!]

Some more games took place, then along came January

Where we signed some old bloke called Thierry

He wasn’t that bad, he scored in his first game

“Song…Henry…Chance, GOAL!”, what a day

Then some more games took place, which we won

Apart from a game in Milan, but we’ll ignore that one

Oh and an FA Cup match against Sunderland on some horrible pitch

Shame about that, but you know what they say; life’s sometimes a bit of a b*tch 

We were trailing Tottenham by a massive gap

All of their fans were saying, “mind that”

Then we played Tottenham

We could not lose

Saha and then Adebayor from the spot after Bale dived

But their 2 goals are irrelevant, because WE SCORED FIVE!

Sagna, Robin, Tomáš and then Theo twice

Did I mention that we scored 5?

Taken from Arsenal- Land
Well, we did so take that

And then we clawed all those points back

Our run was soon halted after losing to the R’s

But I never, ever lost faith in The Arse

A win against Man City & Wolves, then a Wigan loss

3 draws later, I thought it was gone

“It” being 3rd place

How it’s still here I am amazed

Beat West Brom and we’ll be in the top 3

So come on you Gunners! Yippee!

11 players hold the key to our fate

I simply cannot wait

From a new born to a toddler to a teen to a man

Whatever happens I am forever an Arsenal fan

So thank you for the great moments this season has given

But hey, if you’d like to, can you please start winning?

You’re jealous of my rhyming skills, aren’t you? I know you are, but hey, don’t be. Let’s turn all our hate into hope for Sunday. Let’s all hope that Arsenal beat West Brom because if they don’t I may have to immigrate to a country where no-one knows what football is. 

Like America, I mean come on what the hell is Soccer? Anyway, I’m off. 

Snoop Dogg needs a ghost writer. Peace.

Written by Ryan Goodenough
Follow him on Twitter @RealYoungGunner

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