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Worst start in 50 years, an 8-2 drubbing away at Man United, a 4-3 loss to the recently relegated Blackburn, a pre-season injury to our brightest talent and the sale of two of our star players. Not the best way to start your campaign. But 10 months later and Arsenal finished 3rd after a lucky win against West Brom. 

The season was a weird one. You could look back at the way it all started and call it a success, or you could look back at it all and call it a failure, especially as it’s another season without a trophy. But however you look at it there is no denying this season has been one that’ll stay in the memory for a while.

This season review could’ve so easily been just a picture of a roller coaster, but it isn’t. It is a review by the fans, I’ve done a few polls, asked a few questions and have arrived at this. The Arsenal Fan Awards you could say. So don your best suit, straighten your tie and enjoy.

I’ve asked for the highs and low points of the season, the player of the season, match of the season and, lastly, goal of the season.

I’ll start with the highs and lows.

My personal high was the signing of Thierry Henry. The legend had returned. I watched him play when I was younger and used to imitate him in the playground, I think we all did. He may not have had the legs of the early years but as the saying goes, class is permanent and it certainly is. 

His finishing was still the same scoring 3 goals in 7 games proved that. It was his late winning goal vs Sunderland that kick started our drive towards the top 4, subsequently increasing his legendary status.

My low point has to be the 3-3 draw with Norwich. The 8-2 was close but there was still many more games left to be played whereas after this game, there wasn’t. I felt really bad after that game. It looked inevitable we’d lose 3rd spot and potentially end up 5th. We had to rely on Aston Villa. And we were incredibly lucky we weren’t punished.

I asked on Twitter for 10 highs and lows, and here is the 10 I received. [I’ve slightly edited the tweets] –

@yorkshiregunner: High points- Henry’s goal v Leeds. John Terry falling over in RvP’s wake, Spurs at home. Low- the whole season.

@andyogrady: Lows… [Man] United away, Spurs away & Milan away. Highs…Spurs at home, Milan at home, Henry’s return and RvP’s season.

@FarieLew: Lows- 8-2 drumming at Man U, 4-3 loss to Blackburn (the OGs). Highs- 5pur2 & Ch3l5ea, 125th anniversary celebrations and RvP’s resurgence.

@Marleys16: Highs- Thierry’s return and the North London Derby. Low points: The performances against Swansea & QPR as there was no heart or passion at all.

@Ahmad__Hussain: Man U 8-2 loss, low point. Arsenal v AC Milan home leg, the high point.

Arsenal’s lowest point. (Taken from The Guardian)

@simmsAFC: Low Point? The 8-2 bashing at Old Trafford. High will be confirmed Sunday [finishing 3rd, which we did]

@Jamie_Gearing: High points: Beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and beating Spurs 5-2. Low points: 8-2 and losing 4-0 to Milan,

@sportdigest70: High- Henry scoring on his 2nd Arsenal debut, low: Losing to United and being totally opened with the can opener.

@rocket_gunner: Start of the season, end of the season. (I presume the start is the low, and the end is the high)

@6ooner: Low: 8-2. High: 5-2

Got to say I agree with them for the most part. There’s been a lot of highs and lows this season and it’s easy to forget certain parts.

Now, the player of the season.

I’m sure you can already guess this one. With 37 goals this season, Robin van Persie is the overwhelming favourite. The winner of the PFA Player of the Year, Football Writers’ footballer of the year, the Golden Boot and now this; and I’m sure this is his greatest honour.

He won with 46% of the vote, while in joint second place with 19% was Laurent Koscielny & Alex Song, and Arteta was placed in 3rd spot with 14%. 

Van Persie- Fans’ Player of the Season (Taken from Laacib)

Slightly surprised Tomas ‘Little Mozart’ Rosicky only received 3% to be honest, he’s had a brilliant season and has re-discovered the form that led to Wenger signing him from Dortmund.

My player of the season: Laurent Koscielny, simply because of how much he has improved. I’ve got no doubts he is our best defender and had he had the injury that Per Mertesacker did, we wouldn’t have finished 3rd. He’s just as important as van Persie.

Game of the Season

Over the course this season, Arsenal have been involved in some incredible, high scoring, end to end, entertaining matches. I struggled to think of five as there were a few contenders, but these were the five I chose.

As you can see, the North London Derby win is way out in front as expected, the game which really set us on our way. The game started with Arsenal 10 points behind their biggest rivals. And when Louis Saha made it 1-0, and then Adebayor made it 2, Arsenal were 13 points behind. 

But after Sagna got a goal back and van Persie equalized, Arsenal had brought it back down to 10 points. Goals from the rejuvenated Rosicky and a double from the much criticised Theo Walcott won Arsenal the game, consequently closing the gap to 7.

Taken from Arsenal-Land

It was a great day at The Emirates and it’s no wonder it has come first. The win vs Chelsea away at Stamford Bridge and the 1-0 home win against Leeds which saw the return of Henry, finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

What was surprising is no one voted for the 1-0 win at home to eventual winners Man City. The game somewhat gave hope that teams without massive funds behind them can beat the best.

My game of the season: I agree with the 62%. Easy decision.

Goal of the Season

Goal of the season, one I’m sure most fans love deciding. Reliving the goals over the season can, in some cases, give the sense of euphoria that was felt the moment the goal was originally scored. I couldn’t think of 5 great goals as there was too many so I included an ‘other’ option. 

In this option, someone wrote Papiss Cissé vs Chelsea. I agree it was a great goal but it’s not Arsenal, so it’s irrelevant. But I’m no good with maths so can’t calculate the end results if I was to remove this answer, so we’ll just go with it. 

Pretend that goal was scored by Yossi Benayoun against Tottenham and the game ended 6-2.

As you can see, Robin van Persie wins again. His goal vs Everton is out in front with 50% of the vote which was what I sort of expected, Thierry Henry and Mikel Arteta [vs Man City] are joint 2nd, and 3rd place went to other.

No votes for van Persie’s brilliant equaliser in the North London Derby or Arteta’s exceptional free-kick scored against Villa is another surprise, as well.

My goal of the season: Thierry Henry vs Leeds. Simply because of the feeling it gave everyone. The legend was back with a bang.

We’ve now finished with the awards show but if you’d like to read a season review where I discuss the season, I wrote a deep, heartfelt poem on here just before the West Brom game, except that it’s not very deep or heartfelt.

Well that’s it, I’m finished. I hope you all enjoy the transfer market and the stupid rumours, the Olympics and the EUROs. Then once that’s all over the real football begins: Pre-season, hopefully with a stronger squad. 

Adiós amigos.

Written by Ryan Goodenough
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