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Today has been quite a good day for the Gunners, as the Gervinho transfer was officially confirmed by Wenger. Good addition to the squad, great news for the Gunners. Of course, there is some more transfer news, rumors, speculation and gossip surrounding the Gunners. So without further ado, here is the Arsenal Transfer News Roundup.

Arsenal Interested In Montolivo

Montolivo…. interesting the Gunners

According to reports from Italy, Arsenal are interested in signing Italian international midfielder, Riccardo Montolivo. Montolivo is highly likely to leave his club, Fiorentina, this summer as he has refused to sign a new contract. The reports also state that Wenger,  views him as a possible replacement in case Fabregas leaves this summer. Montolivo, was one of the players I left out in my 10 Possible Fabregas Replacements, but he is a good player and possible replacement for Fabregas.

 He is known for his excellent passing and vision, there are concerns over his mentality and lack of character, but he is still a talented player.

Link to an article about the news:

Check out this video of Montolivo, displaying his talents:

Ferguson Denies Nasri Deal…. Hints Of Him Joining Another Club

Nasri…. Fergie denies deal

Man U manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, has finally spoken out on the wave of speculation, linking Nasri to a move to Man U. Ferguson stated that Nasri won’t be joining Man U and hinted that Nasri has agreed a deal to join another club, probably Man City. To be honest, I am not worrying too much about this report, nothing has been made official yet and if you read or watched Wenger’s press conference, we shouldn’t be worried about this, for now…. Wenger is adamant on keeping Nasri.

Link to the article:

Here’s a link to an article on what Wenger said on the Nasri and Fabregas speculation, during the press conference:

Here’s a short video of Wenger’s press conference:

What do you think? Is Montolivo a suitable target for the Gunners? Should we take Ferguson’s statement seriously?

Please share your thoughts and opinions.

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