Arsenal Will Prevail!

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When one refers to Arsenal, then one with any knowledge of British football history, is aware that one is making reference to an institution, that has come to represent the values on which the success of this country is based. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that this great club does not pander to the whims and fancies of a commercialised society, that craves and demands instant success.

Fly-by- Night operators, such as those in control of Manchester City and Chelsea, have merely identified these clubs as new toys to indulge their fancy. Their ownership is based on having buckets of money and not knowing what to do with it. When they encounter failure, then their ego dictates that they throw more money at the problem.

Arsenal, on the other hand, are too principled to get involved in a bidding war for a player because it is morally and ethically wrong to erode billions on overpaid footballers, whilst most of the world suffers abject poverty. Those who support the big spending policies, are perpetrators of an injustice that many of them would deny or plead total ignorance to.

Fabregas must leave for Barcelona as he desires, Nasri can fool people into believing that his desire is all about trophies because most modern footballers pay for PR and no foolish footballer is going to come out and openly admit that it is money and greed that is the true motivation. Arsenal will not break a wage structure because it is obscene to do so as footballers are already overpaid. If clubs like Arsenal fall into the trap of instant success, they will cease to exist because they do not have a benefactor who is prepared to solve the financial woes through money.

When a footballer like Nasri, who is by no means the finished article and who faded badly towards the end of the season, tries to hold Arsenal Football Club to ransom, then you know that the world is in sharp decline. Nevertheless, Arsenal will continue to play the beautiful game in the right spirit because those are the values of the greatest football manager that ever lived, Arsene Wenger. There are millions of talented footballers out there waiting for an opportunity.

The lessons of NBA and NHL should be learnt by those in the Premiership for the sake of sanity. The press are trying to encourage Arsenal to compete with the free spending clubs in England and Spain who are not run along the lines of successful businesses. If supporters of Arsenal call for the dismissal of Wenger because of his lack of transfer activity, they are enemies of Arsenal Football Club because you cannot spend what you don’t have and getting in an expensive player, adds to wage costs as well. These poor souls that want trophies so badly, should support a club that will deliver, but they need to remember that the club that they support could be without a soul.

No matter how many players go down the Nasri, Clichy and Fabregas route, it will not have an iota of impact because Arsenal Football Club will always prevail!    

Written by Goolam Rawat     
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