Battle For Left Back

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Clichy…. leaves with my respect

Gael Clichy has been a servant at Arsenal for many years. I have every respect for him as a player and for his move to Manchester City. I wish him all the best. But I really do believe, that this switch will have a very positive effect on the Club.

Ever since Ashley Cole departed, Clichy has been Arsenal’s undisputed left-back; the position has never really been challenged. But this is exactly, what the young boys at the Club need. Kieran Gibbs had been Gael’s back up, and never really pushed to become first choice. Armand Traore has been offloaded to clubs on loan in the past, and not really been given his chance. Now they both have a chance to fight for their place, and improve as players as they do. Everyone should agree that competition is great for a player, it pushes you harder. When two young players with vast amounts of potential go head to head, it really is a spectacle.

Gibbs…. struggling defensively

Admittedly, at the early stages of pre-season, I have to say that Traore looks the better of the two. He is amazing going forward, much like Gibbs, but has looked surprisingly solid when defending, unlike Gibbs. Gibbs’ vulnerability at the back really does let him down, because I believe he has the ingredients to be the next Ashley Cole, given he improves defensively. Another factor in the battle for left back is the fact Gibbs is very injury prone. Traore, however, never seems to be injured, another reason to back Traore.

Traore…. has looked impressive so far

Anyway, Gael Clichy leaving is a GOOD thing. The younger players will prosper, develop and be given the chance they deserve! What do you think? Traore or Gibbs?

Written by Craig Player

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