Being a Premier League and Arsenal fan in Oz

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Taken from Arsenal Australia

I am a gooner, an Arsenal fan from Australia. 16997 kilometres away from London but I still manage to feel the excitement from the Emirates, feel the emotion and cheer on my team like I am sitting in the stadium.

Being an Arsenal fan or a Premier League fan in general in Australia requires a lot of commitment when it comes to sleeping hours with most games being played between 12am and 6am. On the rare occasion, we get as 9:30pm kick off or 11pm and the mid-week games are usually the best when 6-7am kickoffs. 

For me this is the exciting part of being a Arsenal fan in Australia, getting up at 2am with my Arsenal blanket and all rugged up with all my food pre-prepared in my fridge and everything laid out ready to wake up and watch my football team play. 

No yelling allowed although sometimes I can’t contain myself and end up yelling anyway and nearly waking my family up. I must say waking up early in the morning for other events is much easier knowing I do it every Sunday morning for Arsenal.

There are a few football pubs in Australia and also some football supporter groups also. We have supporter groups such as Arsenal Australia and there is also a quite large Australian Liverpool supporters group who pack out every week. Some pubs stay open specially for football fans to watch the game in the early hours of the morning (or late hours or the night!).

Taken from Bleacher Report

I have never seen Arsenal play in person although some English clubs such as Blackburn Rovers, Everton and Fulham have visited Australia for pre-season friendlies which was a great coup for Australian football. A-League clubs are always trying to bring English clubs to Australia with the amazing number of English fans in Australia and it’s growing by the year. 

At the hours of 12 am during the final day of the Premier League, the whole Australian football community was up with Twitter going crazy and all top trends in Australia being on the Premier League was outstanding.

Especially with social media I feel very a part of being a gooner as much as the people in England do and any other part of the world.

Taken from Facebook

Another thing to note is that in Australia we get every Premier League match LIVE and also a handful of Championship and League 1 and 2 games throughout the season also. Blue Square Premier is also shown on Australian TV’s on a weekly basis. 

Weekly highlights of the Premier League and lower leagues and other shows based on the Premier League are also shown which is fantastic and the TV coverage of the Premier League by Foxsports makes you feel like you are a part of the action all through the week.

The Asian tour is the only time of the season I can watch Arsenal in prime time at around 8pm which I welcome with open arms! I must say it’s fantastic to watch Arsenal whilst getting a full sleep after it. 

Hopefully, one day, Arsenal do the extra travelling to Australia so all the Aussie gooners can see them play. Park and Miyaichi play for South Korea and Japan so we will be able to see them in the Asian World Cup qualifiers, especially Ryo who is in Australia’s group for the final stage of qualifying.

I hope I have given you some type of insight of what it’s like to be a Premier League fan in Oz, maybe you should come down here for a couple of weeks to see what it’s like!

Written by Tom Moxey
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