Can Podolski shine at Arsenal?

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Taken from the Independent

As Wenger was welcoming “phenomenal” Podolski, the player himself was declaring himself delighted at having the chance to win trophies with Arsenal. 

In what was a contradiction to the stereotypical view of German’s having no sense of humour, that little tit-bit is quite laughable considering their recent few years in the metaphorical trophy wilderness. But can the Polish born German international help change that?

Podolski has always been somewhat of an enigma. Domestically never quite scaling the heights many people first thought he would when he broke through at FC Cologne at such a young age. His initial brilliance with his hometown club and prowess in front of goal earned him the affectionate nickname from Bild, “Prinz Poldi”. 

Lauded as being the next superstar from Germany he was the youngest member of the National squad at Euro 2004, but it hasn’t quite worked out for him. A failed spell at Bayern Munich, he returned back to Cologne. A team that loved him, fans that loved him; a city that loved him and he loved in return. He was a legend there. A big fish in a small pond. 

Arsenal’s interest in Podolski has long been well documented and there’s no denying he has the right attributes to succeed in the Premiership. Being extremely quick and strong he can handle the physical side of it. 

Able to play on the left – where he plays for Germany – and up top, he comes to Arsenal being versatile; I’m sure a front three of Podolski – Van Persie – Walcott will please the fans. 

His main attribute, however, is his hammer of a left foot. It’s as powerful as Robin van Persie’s is cultured. He could strike a ball at the beginning of next season and it’ll still overtake Ramos’s penalty miss against Bayern, travelling somewhere in the ether.

The main worry Arsenal fans must have, however, is his mental state. It’s been rumoured that he can’t function properly outside of Cologne. 

A failed stint at Bayern glossed over with flimsy excuses maybe vindicates this but it’s still to be seen how he will do, not just outside of Cologne, but outside of Germany. At Arsenal, he won’t be the superstar, he’ll join a host of others challenging for honours and competing in the Champions League.

This signing is a risk for Arsenal; for their relatively low expenditure, an expensive risk, but it could pay off. With all the right attributes and a proven German international, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be a success. 

Taken from Caught Offside

A new sense of maturity has seen Podolski have his best season in the top flight of the Bundesliga, but, it wasn’t enough to save his beloved Cologne from relegation. 

Podolski himself has realised that he needs to leave to further his career and become the player he was expected to be. Maybe this could be the catalyst to a successful stint in England. 

Whatever happens, Wenger needs to help Podolski assimilate as much as he can otherwise he’ll be heading back to Cologne sooner than expected. 

Written by William Hold
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