Chelsea and Marin – A perfect beginning?

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Back in the 2009/2010 season, Werder Bremen were lighting up the Bundesliga with their own style of fast attacking play. At the forefront of this were three young Germans: Aaron Hunt, Mesut Oezil and Marko Marin. The latter two having been team-mates in the under 21 European Finals in the summer. 

Oezil and Marin were much lauded as being the future stars of German football. Along with Manuel Neuer, Sami Khedira and Mats Hummels, to name but a few, they systematically took England apart in the final of the Euros coming out 4-0 winners. 

Three years later and two of those aforementioned players have left. Mesut Oezil after a brilliant 2010 World Cup with Germany, moved to warmer climes after he was snapped up by Real Madrid; Marko Marin has just been signed by Chelsea. 

Now, if you were a fair-weather follower of the Bundesliga and didn’t know any better, you’d think that Oezil and Marin have both lived up to their potential and earned themselves moves to top clubs, right?

That can be said for Mesut Oezil. Marko Marin, meanwhile, has stagnated so much over the last couple of years that he hasn’t appeared for Germany in 18 months and appearances for Werder Bremen have been limited. So what went wrong for the diminutive winger?

Two years ago, Marin looked like a world beater but now it looks like the world has beaten him. Some of this is down to the departure of Oezil. Marin, being very much a winger, is a heads down, run, dribble and beat players type of player. 

He hasn’t the vision or craft of the Real Madrid player but became the reluctant creator after Oezil departed. A change of system, a move inside and a handful of games later he was looking so short of confidence he was unrecognisable. 

Chelsea have saved him from his Bremen hell with a fee between 6-10 million. Germans know that he is a shadow of his former self and are surprised, not because of the – relatively high – fee, but because one of the worlds top clubs is even the remotest bit interested in him. 

He has garnered no significant interest from Bayern Munich who usually monopolise the domestic market and that is usually a good indicator as to how highly thought of a player is within Germany. 

To state the obvious, though, time will tell. For a club like Chelsea, 6-10 million is a drop in the metaphorical ocean. If it doesn’t work out for them they will move him on at a significant loss if they have to. 

For Marin, though, this is a chance to reinvent himself, to prove that he was deserved of the hype two years ago, to prove he can once again play at the highest level. 

One caveat, though, Marko, Chelsea won’t wait around for you. 

Written by William Hold
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