Downtime, Patchwork and Russians

Do you really want Arshavin back?

A sleepy day for the Arsenal indeed, and rightly so. I’m sure the players are absolutely battered after our string of intense games. Luckily for them, they have another week to rest and get looked at. 

They deserve it after our recent performances. Some fans may moan and groan because they miss their Arsenal for an extra day or two, but it really could be much worse. It gives the team more time to rest, and rest prevents injuries. See where I’m going with this? 

Every season it seems as though we have devastating, crippling injuries that never get fixed with signings, so we’re stuck with what we’ve got. Take this January for example, when we had no senior recognizable full backs. 

What did Arsene do? He neglected bringing in cover, he neglected less experienced, proper fullbacks (for the most part) and kept saying that everyone should be back soon. Do we really want a repeat of that? Rest can only help, not hinder. Couple that with a tired Everton and we really have it made in our favor.

Not to say Everton are unworthy opponents just because they’re tired, but it should make our style of play much, much easier. I’m sure everyone is also itching to continue our thunderous run up the EPL table, but having an extra training session to really tighten up the defence is quite necessary, considering we haven’t named a full strength back line all too often. 

Work definitely needs to be done to keep the big Pole safe against fairly predictable game plans, and I’m sure we’ll see an improved back four against the Blues. We’ll have to, considering they’ve got huge arial threats like Marouane Fellaini and the grasshopper Tim Cahill.

Considering we really don’t have much depth in any department, I assume Wenger will name a full strentgh line up, with Arteta being the lynchpin. I really think Francis Coquelin should get a run out with Song once he returns from injury, I have a feeling they would be dynamite together. 

Coqeulin is very responsible at the back for someone his age, and also possesses great dribbling skills going forward. Quite the talent we’ve got on our hands, and if we use him right, it could allow Song to develop his passing even further, giving us a pseudo Xabi Alonso/Fabregas which we have sorely missed since the days of Gilberto.

Just a word on Andrei Arshavin while we’re here. I’m not sure I’d have him back unless he recaptures his form at Zenit. He hasn’t been motivated to perform at Arsenal, and he commands a large wage to sit around and do nothing. 

Better to just let him go and beef up Walcott and RVP’s contract than to keep an aging, underperforming player who really doesn’t have much longer at the top.

Right, that’s about it. Sorry to end it on a bit of a downer, but ohwell. Everton on Monday, greatly looking forward to it!


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