Four of the Most Physically Challenging Sports

Respiratory therapist assistants will face patients with many rehab issues, but some of the most common injuries are those that are sports related. Even with the best protective equipment, participating in the most physically challenging sports can lead to either a minor or major physical injury.

Men will often argue as to which of these is the most demanding, but from the standpoint of a physical therapist, they are all demanding on the human body. A sports enthusiasts will consider the different physical and mental characteristics as those that determine which are the most challenging sports. But some will beg to differ, and state that any sport that involves the over exertion of the physical body is a demanding sport. This is not to say, that all sports are physically challenging but the following list offers some of the most difficult and challenging sports currently being practiced worldwide.

Mixed Martial Arts

This sport is characterized by wrestling, grappling and striking techniques. People that participate in the sport often come with a wide variety of fighting or wrestling history. The object of this sport is to complete a five-minute round without falling victim to a debilitating blow.  Although the round only lasts 5 minutes, the fighting can become extreme and participants must maintain a constant mental and physical alertness. Participants use full-body strength to make each blow.


Some of the largest, fastest and strongest athletes in the world play football. In a play that may last only 4 to 5 seconds bodies can slam against each other with the greatest of impact causing physical injuries that cam astound even the best physical therapy assistant. During these few seconds almost every player on the field competes against each other.  Football is both physically and mentally demanding, requiring great stamina, speed and athletic condition. A player must be ready to withstand hard hits and the demands of the game.


This sport requires a combination of agility, power and speed from its players, so all participants need strong athletic conditioning. Rugby players are very large so this also influences the physical demand of the game.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is often overlooked, but is an extremely challenging sport.  The sport requires agility, speed and physical fitness. It is a high intensity sport with lots of quick starts and stops. A player must be ready to change directions with a split second decision.  Players who do not experience physical injuries often experience painful burning legs, bruising and muscle strains

Written by Jason Linn, who’s a sports enthusiast and sports blogger.

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