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There will never be another Arsene Wenger. FACT. He is an Arsenal Legend, who will be remembered as the single most important person in our club’s long and successful history. He came to England as a complete unknown, and he will leave as an Icon, no matter what he achieves or doesn’t achieve from this point on. But whilst I respect and appreciate everything he has done for the club that I love, I am not a Wenger worshiper, and I don’t believe like some Gooners do, that the sun shines out of his arse.

So putting all sentiment to one side for a second, when I look at our manager lately, I see a man who has lost his spark. I don’t see the same fire in his eyes anymore, and I am very doubtful that he will ever be able to get that back. I also think that he is out of his depth tactically nowadays. He has one formation in his mind, and he sticks to it ALWAYS. It doesn’t matter if we are playing Blackburn Rovers at home, or Man Utd away, you can be sure that Wenger will tell his players to play exactly the same way. I am tired of watching the tippy tappy football that we play game after game. YES, it is great when we get a goal from it, but more often than not, we run into a brick wall.

I think if our fortunes are to change for the better next season, then Wenger needs to be more flexible with his tactics. I’m not holding my breath though, because I have been saying this for years, but I go to bed each night and pray that some way, somehow, the penny drops for him. I want him to wake up one day, preferably before the season kicks off, and realize that he needs to go back to playing 4-4-2 as his bread and butter formation. I know we will probably sacrifice a bit of possession losing the extra player in midfield, but I am certain that this will be counter-balanced with the increased threat we would pose, having TWO strikers on the pitch instead of one.

I’m not naïve enough to think that a change in formation is ALL that we need to bring back the glory days of old. There is also a lot of work for our manager to do in the transfer market as well. We have people at the club who MUST be sold because they simply aren’t good enough, and we have areas in our squad that need strengthening with some proven world class additions. I do though understand that signing players isn’t easy, and there are lots of things to take into consideration these days before sealing a deal. But does signing players have to be as tricky as Wenger and Gazidis would have us believe? I very much doubt that. Teams like Liverpool and Man Utd seem to have a bid accepted for a player one day, they agree personal terms with the player next day, then the player has a medical and is announced to the media on day three. It isn’t all that tricky for them, so why does it seem to take forever for our club to bring in the guys we want?

In fairness to Wenger, he HAS actually gone out and signed a very exciting player in Gervinho, even if it took over a month to finalize the transfer, and he’s also brought Carl Jenkinson in as well. But if we are realistic, it’s our central defence that needs improving far more than our forward line or full-back position. Gary Cahill looked to be the answer to all our problems at the back, but for some reason Wenger got cold feet on the deal, and now Cahill looks likely to join Chelsea instead. Chris Samba was another name mentioned as a solution to our achilles heel, but now it appears that Tottenham are favorites for his signature. So the frustration looks set to continue for us Arsenal fans, as our stubborn manager will only pay the fee, HE values a player at, and not one single pound more.

So with Wenger looking to penny pinch once again, who can you see him targeting next? Is he wrong to let Cahill and Samba slip through his fingers without putting up much of a fight? And if there is a player out there who you feel will help fix our defensive frailties, do you think Wenger will spend the money in order to get him?

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