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Chelsea have signed Belgian winger Eden Hazard from Ligue 1 side Lille, the player confirmed via his Twitter page

After hours of waiting, Hazard sent the tweet saying he will join the “champions of Europe”. Before May the 19th, Hazard may well have chosen a different destination. 

Regardless of who is managing the west London club come August, the idea of Hazard playing in Chelsea’s attack alongside the likes of Fernando Torres, Juan Mata, and new Chelsea signing Marko Marin, sounds mouthwatering. 

One of Chelsea’s main problems last season was their reliance on Juan Mata for creativity, and his form was slightly on and off. Now with Hazard on board, Chelsea have one of Europe’s most phenomenal talents, who many are tipping to be one of the best young talents since Lionel Messi.

In fact, due to Hazard’s wide range of abilities that include incredible dribbling skills and excellent shot accuracy, it could be argued that Chelsea can build their squad around the Belgian for the next 10 years, he’s simply that good. Plus, as Hazard’s only 21, he has plenty of time to improve and adjust to the Premier League’s high tempo. 

The arrival of Hazard is not only great for Chelsea, but also good for the Premier League. Some have claimed that due to players such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Andres Iniesta plying their trade in La Liga, the Premier League doesn’t have as many world class players as the Spanish equivalent has. 

Now with Hazard in the league, it’s possible that either this year or in the coming years, the Premier League may boast the world’s best player again, like they did when Ronaldo was at Manchester United. 

Chelsea have signed a truly magnificent player and his potential is nearly limitless. If Hazard plays as well as he has done for Lille in the past two seasons, the Premier League crown may very well be coming to west London once again.

Also, in case you have not yet had the privilege of seeing Hazard in action, here’s a YouTube clip.   

Written by Joshua Sodergren
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