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Before you read this, it’s not really your “average article”. It’s more a wake-up call, if you like. Hope you enjoy this piece, nonetheless. 

It’s been brought to my attention on Twitter that the majority of “Gooners” don’t want Jan Vertonghen at the Emirates next year, and it’s been frustrating me to a point where 140 characters is nowhere near enough for what I need to say.

I chat with many of my followers every day about potential signings, who in/out etc. and I just really don’t get why most don’t want to sign Vertonghen for £7m. £7m!! Not £17m but £7m. An internationally capped, Eredivisie winner, captain, I could go on all day. 

A lot of the time, when I have these discussions, people ask “will he want to sit on the bench”, or “who will he replace”, or my favorite “I prefer Djourou as fourth choice.” Are you off your head? Djourou is shocking. The poor lad wouldn’t fit in at West Brom. 

“He was the rock of our defence last season.” Yep, he was. And we ended fourth in the league with, yet again, no trophies. Great rock he was!

Let me put you in to a situation, and in your head, you decide:

We just beat Newcastle 2-1 away on a Sunday evening after a highly anticipated game which saw Vermaelen and Koscielny play. Just like the one at home this season. It’s now Tuesday, 2 days after and we’re in the Champions League against, say, away to Montpellier. 

Now tell me, who would you rather, Vertonghen + Mertesacker, or Djourou + Mertesacker? 

You might be thinking why is he saying all this, but I’m proving a point. Vertonghen won’t sit on the bench every game because we are one of the best clubs in Europe, we should be playing 55-60 games a season. 

It’s something I call rotation. If you’ve read my blogs before, you’d know I use this a lot. Like Robin this year, Thomas and Laurent will need rest, just like everyone else in the team. 

Choose any of the below, and you’ll still get one of the best back two in the league:

Koscielny + Vermaelen
Koscielny + Mertesacker
Koscielny + Vertonghen
Vermaelen + Mertesacker
Vermaelen + Vertonghen
Mertesacker + Vertonghen 


Don’t forget Jan is experienced and has won trophies. That’s vital that you have those types of players in a title-challenging team. 

Every time Djourou is in the team, or has the ball, I feel uncomfortable and my heart starts dropping (little bit). 

Don’t get me wrong, earlier in the season, he was half decent at right back, and I still remember the cross he put in for Ramsey against Marseille. I love Djourou and all, but I don’t like seeing players like him getting paid £80,000 a week for 5 minutes in a boot room (Arsenal Insider).

I’ll put my guitar, my piano and my Xbox that if we don’t get him in the summer, 6 months down the line when he’s playing for Spurs, I’ll be reading statuses on Twitter saying, “Why didn’t Wenger get him?” 

You get my drift? 

Ever gone to the Board Room on Football Manager asking for funds to sign _______ to show that we really mean business? Well, signing Jan will show exactly that. I’m all in for bringing Jan to the Emirates this year. 

And I feel we have nearly obtained his services, regardless of what BBC Sport’s David Ornstein says. 

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