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Cafu     Cannavaro  Vidic    Carlos

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Messi            Zidane      Ronaldinho


Gianluigi Buffon

Taken from Goal

Gianluigi Buffon was a world class ‘keeper showing safe handling alongside extraordinary saves. He shined in the World Cup of 2008 providing a stable wall behind the Italian back four.


Taken from the Bleacher Report

Cafu captained the Brazilian side and the engine-like right back was a legend in his country. As well as being the most capped Brazilian and changing the idea of right-backs, Cafu was the only Brazilian player to have appeared in three World Cup finals.

Fabio Cannavaro

Taken from the Telegraph

Fabio Cannavaro was a warrior in the heart of every defence he played in. In my opinion his peak was captaining the famous Azzurri to winning the 2008 World Cup, where he showed what a world class player he was.

Nemanja Vidic

Taken from Blog United

Unlike most others, I chose Nemanja Vidic for his form at club level, and although he is an inspirational captain for Serbia, not many would’ve heard of him if Fergie hadn’t secured one of his trademark signings in 2006.

Roberto Carlos

Taken from Soccer Play List

In my opinion, Roberto Carlos was by far the best left back to ever play. Not only did he score the world’s best goal from a scientifically impossible set-play, the national star controlled the left hand side of the pitch every game, bombing up and down.


Taken from FC Barcelona Today

Xavi Hernandez of Barcelona sums up the perfect passer. He  rarely misplaces a pass, he is a quality player all round, consequently, my idol! 

A neat player sums him up, hardly done anything exquisitely amazing, but does what he intends to perfectly.

Patrick Vieira

Taken from Arsenal Arsenal

Patrick Vieira was an absolute dream of a player. He combined strength and hustle in the midfield with intricate passing and assists. He was extremely disciplined, which gave the other midfielders license to go forward. As captain, he was a huge part of the best ever English team; ‘The Invincibles’.

Lionel Messi

Taken from Sporty Magazine

A still young Lionel Messi is the best footballer to ever touch the ball (Arguably). The ball sticks to his feet, and his low centre of gravity makes him a formidable  spearhead striker for the opposing defence to deal with. However, his career hasn’t all gone to plan. 

He’s never seemed to be able to produce at national level, which took me to the conclusion that he needs the best midfield in the world behind him like he has at Barca to produce at his unbelievable best.

Zinedine Zidane

Taken from the Daily Mail

Zinedine Zidane was world class. In my opinion to make a world XI the hardest position to choose is behind the striker, as there have been so many talented players there. This shows just how Zidane is. 

This man was talented, aggressive, a winner, and a leader; and could shoot, pass, head, defend, and of course head-butt.


Taken from All Sports Information and News

This Brazilian magician summed up how football was supposed to be played. 5 stepovers, cut inside, hit the top corner. Ronnie was arguably the most skillful player I’ve ever seen, and in history. He was such a threat in every aspect of the game.


Taken from Famous People Info

Ronaldo (no, not that one) was one of the first to play ‘The Brazilian Way’. With his quick feet, Ronaldo was oozing quality. 

His stockiness earned him the nickname ‘Fat Ronaldo’, but in a way, this helped him. With skill you need strength, and Ronaldo’s stockiness gave him an advantage as he could shield the ball away from defenders as well as run at them and take them on. 

All round, this man was class.

Written by Deano Spyrou
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