My Questions For Arsene Wenger

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Taken from the Guardian

Arsene is a bulging lace in a shoe, one may be forced to think. I also fall to that temptation: like when he stubbornly plays Walcott beyond the tenth minute when he is due for substitution. But my confidence in the Frenchman’s approaches balances the skepticism.

Nonetheless, if I should run into Le Boss in a shopping mall, that’s if he ever buys anything, I would ask him a few questions, just to be sure I am okay thinking otherwise.

Like I said earlier, Walcott doesn’t deserve a place beyond the the white line. The Englishman is an inept racer with no footballing sense. Little wonder he looks like Lewis Hamilton. 

Arsenal is a big club whose progress shouldn’t be hindered by an endless sentimental solidarity favour of a player who has refused to grow. I won’t tell the tale of Theo for we all know. 

Rather I’d move to my first question for Arsene, “Boss, I understand how much our financial bigotry, sorry policy, means to the club; I understand it’ll be a bargain to have a player agree to play for free, even if it’ll mean him not doing anything while on the pitch, after all we are not playing to win things, we just want to balance the books. Is Theo Walcott gaining play time using this approach?”

Call it crazy, but that’s how it looks, and it’s quite unfortunate.

My next question would address the boss’ backup plan if Robin gets injured…God forbid! While I am full of admiration for the talisman’s effort, I am also heart broken for my dear football club.

The list of questions are endless that I would need to offer to sit Le Boss out in a local bar, so we can talk football.

Written by Jesus Buck
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