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The future of Arsenal youngster, Aaron Ramsey, has been continuously debated amongst Arsenal fans after what seems like every game. Many calling for him to head the probable exodus of players, claiming that he is, by no standard, good enough for the club. 

A claim that can be justified after several underwhelming performances, with only a handful of displays encapsulating his talents. But after a season of underachieving, is that enough evidence to sell a player touted to have the potential of being great?

It is evident that Ramsey is on the end of the fans’ frustration of yet another failed season; the trophy drought stretching itself to a worrisome 7 years, but it is possible ignorance from a small minority of Arsenal fans may be affecting the performances of the player. 

Persistent abuse, booing and even cheering when he is removed from the game can only have a negative effect on his confidence, and in recent weeks, teammate Theo Walcott has spoken out about the importance of support from the fans. 

Although it isn’t entirely fair to blame the fans for Ramsey’s short comings, a player who receives abuse from his own fans will no doubt be effected. However, this is just a speculative thought without conclusive evidence.

The player’s own personal life has also been used to excuse his form. No doubt the death of the late Gary Speed would have hampered him in the short term, but it remains an excuse without proof. As mere onlookers, we are oblivious to what he thinks about, and therefore speculating that this is a factor that is hurting his performance is unjust. 

Could his injury be effecting the level of his performances? A tenuous reason in my opinion. Such an injury may occur rarely, but when looking at the performances of Sagna (before his recent leg break), Hatem Ben Arfa and Gareth Bale after they returned, were they as badly effected as Ramsey? No. Although he would have taken time to re-find his feet, can something that happened around 2 years ago be effecting him in the latter part of this season? 

A concept that seems to be overlooked each time – the player is just in bad form. Perhaps there isn’t a reason behind it, and perhaps he is going through what nearly every sportsman/sportswoman will endure – a poor run of form. It happens to the best, and it will happen to the worst. Where you place Aaron Ramsey amongst that, is for you to decide. 

To summarise, this article would have not needed to be written had Arsenal had an adequate enough squad to drop a player when they are in poor form.

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