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Traffic jams are the scourge of drivers everywhere, and the Navteq company that supplies digital maps to the top GPS manufacturers has recently conducted a study to better investigate the traffic trends across the World.  

Their latest study was conducted in Brazil in the city of Sao Paulo with the results showing that Brazilians are now spending more time stuck in traffic jams than they ever have done before – and it looks like the problem will become worse over the next few years.   

The top-line reasons for this appear to be the fact that more and more large international events are now being hosted in the country – including the next World Cup Soccer Tournament.

Traffic in Brazil Survey Shows an Increase in Congestion

The survey was conducted online and was titled “Traffic in Brazil”.  The idea behind it was to help manufacturers of GPS devices try to better understand what the road conditions and problems were in the South American company so they could provide better solutions to help them reduce the impact of daily driving issues.

The survey sampled two hundred drivers and also looked to find out how they were using GPS navigation devices in their car – results showed that only thirty percent of drivers actually used a GPS in the country – which will go some way to understanding why so many people get stuck in traffic – because most modern GPS devices come with real-time traffic alert warning functionality.

50% of Brazilian Drivers Get Stuck in Jams Daily

Half of the drivers who were surveyed in Brazil said that they tend to get stuck in traffic at least once a day, and are concerned that the 2014 World Cup is only going to make the situation a lot worse with congestion due to rise hugely over the Summer period in that year. 

Millions of tourists will be visiting Brazil in 2014, and many will be hiring cars or using the extensive taxi service to get from A to B. Native drivers in Brazil really do believe that this situation is going to cause them a negative driving experience.

The 2014 World Cup Will Make the Situation Worse

Almost half of the correspondents believe that when Brazil host the Soccer World Cup in 2014, they will see even worse jams on the nation’s road networks.  69% said the situation will be a lot more serious as you can see from the graphs presented in this article.

The traffic survey also went on to reveal that over the previous five years the average Brazilian driver has spent forty minutes more per day in their car than they had done previously – and all due to traffic congestion and jams.

Solution Could Be GPS Devices with Traffic Alerts

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One solution to the issue could be to make GPS devices in the country more affordable and widely adopted.  Manufacturers such as Garmin and TomTom now range products that come with Real-Time Traffic Alerts.  

This technology lets the driver get forewarnings of traffic jams and then shows them an alternative route which might be quicker, even if it is longer by nature.

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