Roy Hodgson: Congrats and Commiserations

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Taken from Bleacher Report

I’d like to congratulate Roy Hodgson on his appointment as England manager. I think he is the right choice for England on a technical level. I’d also like to offer him my commiserations because unless he wins the Euros this summer (which he won’t) then he will never win over the fans.

Sadly all of the hype was geared towards Harry Redknapp, he was the media’s choice and the players choice and no-one else got a look in. Anything other than Harry would have been a let down unless it was Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho and sadly Roy just isn’t fashionable.

I’ve always rated Roy as an excellent manager. Experienced, respected, tactically astute and a genuinely nice person to boot. In every aspect except his media influence he is comparable or superior to Harry Redknapp and even then I would say that Harry doesn’t have any special relationship with the press other than he is a very astute self-promoter. 

The press would have turned on him as England manager the minute results didn’t go his way in the same way that many Spuds have turned on him since Tottenham’s collapse.

Roy will never be given a chance by the media. The journo’s proved that in his first press conference by constantly asking about Harry Redknapp. It was for that reason and that reason alone he never made it at Liverpool. The fans and the media wanted Dalglish and Hodgson wasn’t a big enough name for them. The results weren’t going well so they sacked him. 

Liverpool under Dalglish this season haven’t been much better. Dalglish took an 8th placed club spent over £120m and turned Liverpool into an 8th placed team with a league cup and no-one is calling for his head.

When you compare Roy and Harry you see that there isn’t much difference in the premier league but Roy is arguably the stronger candidate. In the premier league Roy Hodgson has an average league finish of 11th. Harry Redknapp has an average league finish of 10.6th. Tiny margins.

Harry Redknapp’s win % as a manager is 40.76%. Roy’s is 43.04%.

Harry has spent millions of pounds on players over the years. Roy has pretty much always worked on a shoe-string. Spurs’ best players under Redknapp have been Bale and Modric. Jol and Ramos signings. Liverpool’s best player this season? Suarez. Scouted by Hodgson and negotiations under way before Hodgson left.

Outside of the Premier League Harry Redknapp has experience with lower league English teams. Roy Hodgson has 8 European League titles and 7 years of international football experience. 

Hodgson is the first England manager with previous international experience. He also has two European cup finals to his name. One with an ‘unfashionable’ team. Harry has qualified for the Champions League once with a very fashionable Spurs side. A Spurs side that is probably the strongest it has been in 50 years.

On a personal level, Roy has been LMA manager of the year. Harry has won some divisional awards but Roy was voted best manager across all of the leagues by his fellow managers.

On the strength of it Roy is a better candidate. He has a lot more experience of international football and European leagues which will be beneficial especially as he will have experience of what foreign referees will put up with which is usually an issue for England. Being given free-kicks against that would never be a foul in the UK. Roy has also won numerous league titles. 

Sure they were in lesser leagues but from a management point of view you can only win with the team you have and against the level of opposition you have, plus they were top flight titles. Harry has won lower league titles, never a top flight title. 

The Swedish and Danish leagues might be weaker than the top 5 European leagues, but they are still the best leagues in their countries and Roy coached his teams to titles there.

Roy took Switzerland to 3rd in the FIFA rankings. Not Spain, not England, not Italy, not Brazil, not Argentina, not France, not Germany, not Holland but Switzerland. A small conglomerate country with vastly less footballing resources than some of the world’s footballing giants.

It should not be overlooked that this is the first time that Harry has been linked with the England managers job whilst it is no less than the fourth for Roy.

I for one am glad that Roy got the job over Harry and I’m sure he will be successful in the job if given the backing of the fans and the media but sadly I do not see that happening so my commiserations in advance go out to Roy Hodgson. I hope I am wrong.

The media are calling it another “Brian Clough Moment” and saying that the FA have missed a trick but it is them that are missing the trick. 

I have to make some reference to Arsenal and it is this…. The media ridiculed Arsenal in 1996 with headlines of “Arsene Who” and he is now Arsenal’s most successful manager. 

My point is that just because the media don’t recognise the value in an appointment doesn’t mean it is the wrong one.

It’s now down to us England fans to get behind our new manager and help him prove to the same muppet journos that have been writing Arsenal off all season and purring over Spurs with their claims of the tide is turning and North London is being painted white etc etc that they know nothing about football.

Well done Roy! You have my support mate.

Written by Daniel Cowan
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