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After Manchester City won the title today in the dying seconds at the Ethiad, Samir Nasri further emphasised that he made the right choice by leaving Arsenal and joining the blue side of Manchester. 

When Nasri left last year, Arsenal fans were incensed and to a great extent it was understandable. They had just lost their captain and best player in Cesc Fabregas, severely weakening their squad and class players like Nasri needed to stay if they were to truly challenge for top honours.

However, Nasri decided to leave in the end. It was the world’s worst kept secret that he would be making his exit as many Arsenal fans had already turned their backs on him while he was still wearing red. 

One of the biggest problems for the Arsenal faithful was the fact that Nasri had not shown his world class ability long enough. He joined Arsenal in 2008 (I actually saw him play live at the Emirates tournament that year) and only offered glimpses of his true talent until 2010. 

Last season, Nasri really came to life and played excellent for around 5 months and showed the kind of mesmeric ability that caught the eye of Manchester United and City. Sadly, for Arsenal, those 5 months is all they received of Nasri’s consistent best in his 3 years at North London. You almost felt that he owed Arsenal a longer, sustained period of great form before making his move.

A reason why Arsenal fans gracefully accepted Henry’s decision to leave for Barcelona in 2008 was the fact that he gave them many years of pure excellence, helping them win many many things. This is why he would always be a legend in the hearts of all gooners and why he has a statue outside the Emirates stadium. 

Even many Manchester United fans still love Cristiano Ronaldo despite him leaving for Real Madrid at the peak of his powers. This is because they still realise how he stayed for 6 seasons and in 3 of those he helped United dominate world football. Nasri didn’t do any of these things in his Arsenal days.

Nasri’s situation reminds me of the frosty relationship Arsenal fans have with Emmanuel Adebayor. In the 2007-08 season, Adebayor performed like a truly world class striker, notching 30 goals in 48 appearances. However, that was only one season, and suddenly the Togolese footballer was acting like he deserved the kind of wages the legendary Thierry Henry was on. 

The following season, Arsenal fans noted that Adebayor had become lazier and would stray offside more than ever. It was clear his one great season could not make up for his two previous average ones Arsenal fans had to deal with. He, just like Nasri, left for City and Arsenal fans still give him a cold reception to this day.

One of the main issues with Nasri’s move to City was him saying that he left to “win trophies.” From the outside looking in, such a statement would seem like a facade with the obvious increase in wages City offer their superstars. 

It’s like when Yaya Toure joined the club and could not stop talking about City’s “project” influencing his decision to leave Barcelona despite the fact that he would be on unprecedented wages of over £200,000. 

There’s also the obvious kick in teeth that Arsenal have not won silverware in seven seasons and if Nasri was to win some at his new club (with Arsenal failing to), his decision to leave North London, would ultimately be vindicated, no matter how much the money influenced his decision.

With this in mind, all year Arsenal fans have been rooting for their former close rivals Manchester United to pip City to the title in desperation to see Nasri fail. Piers Morgan even bet with the Frenchman that he wouldn’t achieve such a feat as winning the Premiership publicly on twitter. 

Nasri has been bombarded with abuse by disgruntled Arsenal fans all year and when City went 8 points behind United at the Emirates stadium a few weeks ago, many gooners could not hide their joy.

Taken from the Daily Mail

However, as of today, Samir Nasri is a Premier League Champion. A fact that will hurt many Arsenal fans. There’s no denying that it would have been harder for him to win silverware at Arsenal as their trophy drought continues. 

Arsenal this season have been aiming to finish third while City only had the Premier League title on their mind. There’s a very potent difference in ambition. It’s hard to deny that money played a significant part in Nasri’s decision to leave the North London club but with the most prestigious prize in English football to his name, who can deny that Nasri’s decision to leave was the correct one?

Van Persie, Arsenal’s key man this season is currently “hot property” as he’s yet to sew up a new contract  even though he said talks will begin next week. 

Would he look to Nasri’s success as a reason to try his luck somewhere else, potentially City? Just like Nasri and Adebayor however, I believe Van Persie would owe Arsenal more than this one season on top of his game but the 28 year old Dutch man is not getting any younger.

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