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As spring melts into summer, anticipation of this year’s Summer Olympics has sports fans across the globe steeped in anticipation. The excitement is set to boil over into the streets of the world’s nations this July. 

Taking place in London, the weeks-long Games will pull sports fans from all across the world into the United Kingdom to watch humanity’s oldest sports competition as countries vie for gold medals among the world’s best. Although dozens of events are slated to take place at the Olympics, some of the summertime competitions are expected to serve as the centerpieces for the Games.

One of those centerpieces is fútbol, known in other parts of the world as soccer. Fútbol fans make up the largest global fan base of any sport, and the game itself is enjoyed throughout the year in different parts of the world. 

While the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup — also played every four years — are the largest stages for international soccer, many fútbol fans have club teams they support in a variety of different leagues throughout Europe and the world.

One of the most popular leagues in the world is the Premier League, which is comprised primarily of teams based in the United Kingdom. As fans assemble in London to enjoy the Olympic Games, many are no doubt excited about the opportunity to visit the locales of their favorite Premier League players, and to watch those players compete on behalf of their respective countries.

Wanting to make their allegiance known, many of these fans are interested in bringing Premier League gear with them to London to show off their long-distance love affair with England’s Premier League players and teams. 

Ordering this gear online is easily done, but with jersey prices expensive and only continuing to rise, consumers can employ some tips and tricks to lower their fútbol gear costs.

Avoid stores — shop through online vendors

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Simply put, online vendors — those that maintain an online presence exclusively and do not have physical store locations — carry a lower overhead than other businesses. With less costs to cover, they can afford to offer lower prices than more common physical stores. 

Additionally, the online marketplace is more competitive than at physical locations, pushing vendors to keep prices low and in line with other competitors. Odds are, you’ll find the best deal via the Internet. 

The biggest pitfall is being suckered into false shops that skimp of details and may send a replica in place of an authentic jersey, or simply lose your order. 

To avoid this, only shop from e-commerce sites that are respected in the world soccer community. It’s generally easy to tell which shops are reputable based on fan reviews.

Use Google Shopping to check multiple vendors at once

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If you know the product you want to buy, you can visit Google Shopping and enter it into the search bar. Google Shopping searches numerous vendors at once, ranging from the big box stores to little-known online retailers. 

With each you can also view customer satisfaction ratings to determine how much you want to pay for assured quality of service.

Always check shipping rates

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In many cases, you might find yourself ordering gear from overseas. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does introduce an important consideration: shipping rates. 

These can vary widely depending on the country your gear is being shipped from as well as its destination. In general, though, a number of retailers serving a global market offer cheap international shipping to encourage foreign consumers to purchase their goods. 

Ultimately, the right choice will depend on a combination of these factors, but for most consumers, money talks. Your best bet for the cheapest deal probably resides on the Internet. Just make sure you’ve considered all the additional fees.

Holly is an avid football supporter in the States and Gooner at heart. She loves traveling and blogging about the best ways to get cheap international shipping on her favorite Arsenal gear!

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