The Best MLS Team of All Time

After watching the LA Galaxy blast their way through opponents all season long, it is tough to argue with the fact that they are a very impressive team. In fact, many people are talking about ranking them as the best team in the history of Major League Soccer. Let’s break it down, and possibly make the case for the LA Galaxy as the best MLS team ever to take the pitch.

Prior Holder of the Crown

Most fans would agree that prior to this year’s LA Galaxy squad, the best team in the history of MLS was the 1990s DC United team. That team was a true powerhouse. Prior to the rigorous salary cap restrictions that are now in place in MLS, DC United could afford to pay to keep an amazing array of talent.

The 1996 and 1997 DC United Team won the first two MLS Championships. The squad boasted such talented players as Eddie Pope, Marco Etcheverry, John Harkes and Jamie Moreano. They laid waste to their opponents on the field in MLS. In addition, they also became the first team from the United States to bring home a CONCACAF title.

The Case for the LA Galaxy

While that star-studded DC United team of the early years of MLS was impressive, this LA Galaxy squad may be even more impressive. They are an extremely talented team that won the MLS Cup this year. Even though they have one title under their belt, there may be quite a few more in their future.

When you take a look at the Galaxy’s roster, it is loaded with young talent that hasn’t fully blossomed yet. Omar Gonzalez and Juninho are the two biggest young studs on the team. They are already making a tremendous impact on the field, and they will only get better.

In addition, the Galaxy boasts a whole lot of mature talent. Landon Donovan, David Beckham, and Robbie Keane are three of the greatest players ever to lace up their shoes. They are passing on their wisdom to the youngsters on the team, which will only make them better. Fans are snatching up soccer memorabilia of the Galaxy, and they are getting great deals by using a Kohls promo code to purchase it. Of course you can visit the official on-line store of MLS, to find apparel of every team as well.

The Common Link

Both the DC United Team of the early MLS and this latest and greatest LA Galaxy squad can be argued to be the best team in MLS history. It is interesting to note that both teams were coached by the same man, Bruce Arena. I think that should make it clear who the best coach in MLS history is.

Is this LA Galaxy team better than that 1996-97 DC United squad? What do you think?

Written by Mila Johnson

web and graphic designer, social media manager and backend advisor