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It’s been ages since Patrick Vieira, scored from the spot kick to give Arsenal the FA Cup in Cardiff City. As bad as it looks, no Arsenal fan can hide from the truth that we have watched our great team in anguish, going six unprofitable years without silverware.  As a realistic fan, I think all this has happened due to the stubbornness of our manager or some might say it’s due to bad luck, that we lost the Carling Cup to a now relegated team, Birmingham City.      

Arsenal has been a team without leadership, since the day Thierry Henry, left for Barcelona. Let’s not talk about the man, William Gallas, who took over as captain from him, but let’s talk about the man who took over from Mr. Gallas.  Having watched Cesc ever since he was 16, I have never one day, doubted his ability on the field. His style of play,  his great vision, oozes of confidence and it’s a beauty to behold when he has the ball, every touch is classic.  No one can deny his ability, he’s truly a world-class player.  But ever since he took over from Gallas, I was never in support of this decision. I doubted his ability to lead, organize and command a team like Arsenal.                             

Each time, I think of a leader, a commander in an Arsenal shirt, only one name keeps ringing a bell in my head, no more than the man , who has proved his ability and stability in the heart of our defense, adapting to English football in earnest, despite coming all the way from Holland. Guess who? Yeah, you are right. Thomas Vermaelen. The no- nonsense man should lead our team out next season, he has all the charisma and ingredients to be a great Arsenal captain.  Let us all pray the bad Achilles injury, that rocked him last season, never comes back.                                 

This article is debatable, I am sure some will say no, some want Robin Van Persie, while some  might even say it should be Jack Wilshere. Yes, they are all fantastic players, who did great things for us last season. As for RVP,  he’s been so inconsistent all season, moreover I don’t suggest we use a front man as our captain. He will hardly see what’s going on behind him unlike a defender, who sees everything on the field. Let’s take a look at the top clubs in Europe, they all have a defender as their skipper. For Jack, however, he is just not ready yet. At least not now, maybe in the nearest future. TV5 for captain. I hope it will happen soon.

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Written by Adedeji Henry Oluwafemi

Follow him on Twitter: @Henrysenal
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