Diaries of a Soccer Mom: What is a “Soccer Mom”?

The definition of a “Soccer Mom” is defined as a suburban mother who spends a great deal of her time taking her children to play soccer or engaging in other sport activities.

This definition excludes many important aspects of the role of a true soccer mom. I know this to be true because I am a soccer mom.

Yes, I do spend some time on the road chauffeuring kids to practice, games, and lessons. I do have to admit I do more laundry than any person should do in a lifetime.

However, that is not the bulk of the job.


More than just chauffeuring and doing the laundry

I must say I have seen my fair share of my little athletes acting up at practice, getting hurt at games, and experience the victories and the losses.

The losses are the hardest and the best lessons learned.

When you have an athlete, who loves the sport he plays so much, he tends to blame himself for the loss. As a mom, you want to console him and let him know he should not worry about it.


You must be real with your child

As a soccer mom, you can’t do that. Of course, you console him, but you must be real with him.

At a certain age, your athlete needs to hear criticism.

Losing the game is not all his fault, but what could he have done differently. Maybe he needs to work on his accuracy when being pressured by the defense.


One of the things my 12-year-old has told me, is that sometimes the pressure is intense when all eyes are on him.

When they do mess up, it hurts. But there are numerous times, my little athletes have impressed me with their composure.

When faced with loud fans and demanding coaches these kids have risen to the challenge.


Mom first

A soccer mom is more than how google defines it. A soccer mom is a mom first.

We are also the best and worst critic for our athlete, and we are always in their corner.


Written by Erica Bennett

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