The State of the Serie A: Why Matuidi is a major steal for Juventus

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Blaise Matuidi’s reported £18 million/20 million Euros move to Juventus has represented a talking point surrounding the values of players in today’s transfer market.

Good value? Yes, probably. Is it a risk for Juventus? At £18 million, one wouldn’t think so.

The Serie A champions are strengthening their core with a reliable high calibre experienced international defensive midfielder. All is rosy it would seem.


Is Matuidi what Juve need?

Previously I’d talked about Allegri looking to cement this side on the European stage, with the ultimate aim of allying themselves, for the long haul, with Real Madrid, Bayern or Barcelona (though the Catalonians are on the slide).

There is no doubt Juve need fresh competition in centre midfield, currently they lack a specialist who will dutifully screen the back line and provide others with a platform to play, somebody very much in the mould of a Kante, Khedira, Mascherano or possibly Busquets.

The likes of Kroos, Alonso, De Rossi or even Pogba can be a godsend, players who seem to effortlessly sit comfortably deeper while getting themselves forward at the right time to shoot and create assists for others.

They are ten a penny; are often surrounded by equally quality players and invariably cost quite ridiculous sums of money.


Erring on the side of caution

Matuidi will be playing in a team where sides will wait for Juve to break them down, allowing the Turin side to take risks.

Matuidi isn’t the kind of player that will necessarily unlock defences from penetrative passes between the lines. He’s exceptionally good at what he does, and is capable of popping up with a goal or two, but one senses that’s not what Allegri has brought him in for.

PSG struggled against weaker teams last season, and without sounding dismissive, Matuidi will come up against plenty in Serie A. There will be a high number who will simply allow Juve to take the initiative, home or away.

Can he still push his game on? It will be interesting to see.


Potentially one of the best summer transfers

On the flip side, Juve are building quickly and clinically.

They’ve beaten a number of sides to signing Matuidi, who could easily rip up the previous paragraphs and be the side’s most vital asset this year.

At £18 million or indeed 20 million Euros, it seems a steal, but they’ve spent big this summer and fans will want it to come together quickly. It’s not a transitional phase.

It’s time to see what this outfit can produce, it’s exciting and the Frenchman could well serve as a defensive remedy and a catalyst in the oncoming dominance of The Old Lady.


Written by Ross Wilson

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