A Football Poem: The Ups and Downs of Euro 2016

The match was eagerly

waited as history was

so real,

Germany and Poland,

which team would

want to steal?

These countries have

had their issues, as

past history is plain

to all.


But neither team

could win the game –

as they tried to really


Then the land of song,

the Welsh did sing so



They certainly played

very well, and were

cheered by the crowd.

England were so

average, they really

should play better.

And Gareth Bale took

a shot – Joe Hart

failed to gather.


In all this game was

average – and at times

hard to watch.

If England want to

progress, their skills

must be top-notch!


Wayne Rooney isn’t

playing good,

And with his mega

wages – he knows he

really should.


But I noticed a lot of

players, keep falling

to the ground.

Just the slightest of

touches – and to the

ground they’re bound!


Their antics slow the

game down, as the

ref keeps blowing his


I wish the players

would soon get up –

and run just like a



It doesn’t matter how

they win – or, how

the footballers play.

Just as long as they

win the game – and

earn their mega pay!!!!


Some games are

entertaining – that is

good to see.

They have to show

their skills off – and

do it on UK: ‘ITV!’


This tournament has

to improve – and all

the excitement grows.

As you cheer on your

favourite team – it

might all come to blows!


The football is now at

fever pitch – and soon

the knockout stage.

And if your team gets

beaten – you fly into a



Let’s all hope it gets

better – and the football

is world class.

But on occasions I have

to laugh – when they

fall upon their AS*!!!!


‘Up you get, that’s a

good chap, show us

you are so stern.

And take the ball and

let it fly – score a goal,

it is your turn!


So as England goalkeeper

Joe Hart, hides behind

his defensive guards,

He really should be saving

a free kick, from a

distance of thirty yards.


But all credit to Gareth

Bale who rattled the

England defence,

Will Joe Hart carry on

in goal and create yet

more suspense!!!!!


Written by Darryl Ashton 

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