15 Multiple Choice Trivia Questions about Football History and Traditions

Football is known as the beautiful game. One of the most popular games played in more than 200 nations by approximately more than 250 million players of all categories. Imagine the fan base of the game when only the playing power is almost 250 million! This does not stop here because the fans are increasing day by day. From the streets of Brazil to the high rise buildings of Tokyo, football is a universal language spoken throughout the world. Apart from the sport side of things, financially speaking football World Cup is only second to the Super Bowl. The revenue generated is matched by no other sport whatsoever.

No matter which sport you like, a sports trivia is always a good way to boast about your knowledge of the game. The current situation of the footballing world is easy to remember due to significant media coverage and social media repetition. Therefore, the real deal might be to check your knowledge of the days gone by. Football history and tradition shall be tested in this football trivia. Take a deep breath and get ready for a jog through footballing history!

Below we have compiled fifteen multiple choice trivia questions about football history and traditions:

Which of the below term is considered as an early type of football by FIFA?

  1. Gaelic
  2. Kemari
  3. Episkyros
  4. Rugby

In which year was football inaugural World Cup played officially?

  1. 1937
  2. 1930
  3. 1935
  4. 1939

Which country was the host of the first official football World Cup?

  1. England
  2. Brazil
  3. Uruguay
  4. United States of America

Who was the inventor of yellow and red cards in football?

  1. Ken Aston
  2. Mark Williams
  3. Diego Maradona
  4. Sir Bob Paisley

Which nation was the first one to win the football World Cup?

  1. Brazil
  2. Argentina
  3. Uruguay
  4. West Germany

Who scored the first goal in football World Cup history?

  1. Pelé
  2. Laucien Laurent
  3. Johinio
  4. Kenneth Dalglish

Who scored the first football World Cup hat trick?

  1. Laucien Laurent
  2. Diego Maradona
  3. Bert Patenaude
  4. Pelé

Who scored the goal famously known as ‘Hand of God’ in 1986?

  1. Pele
  2. Diego Maradona
  3. Laucien Laurent
  4. Bobby Moore

Before his ‘Hand of God’ goal, who directed the ball to the goal scorer?

  1. Steve Hodge
  2. Oscar Garré
  3. Héctor Enrique
  4. Jorge Valdano

In the 1990 football World Cup which Netherlands player spat at Rudi Voller?

  1. Ruud Gulit
  2. Frank Rijkaard
  3. Johnny Bosman
  4. Erwin Koeman

At the opening ceremony of football World Cup 1994, which celebrity put a penalty wide?

  1. Anne Patricia
  2. Mel Gibson
  3. Bruce Willis
  4. Diana Ross

Which city has the most number of football clubs playing in its country’s highest division?

  1. Munich
  2. London
  3. Rome
  4. Moscow

On the day of 2002 World Cup final, another ‘final’ was played among the world’s two lowest ranked nations. Who came out victorious?

  1. Solomon Islands
  2. Pakistan
  3. Bhutan
  4. Dominican Republic

The Dutch team won the last European club competition in which year?

  1. 1999
  2. 2005
  3. 2002
  4. 2009

The earliest footballs were made from which part of an animal’s body?

  1. Skull
  2. Bladder
  3. Groin
  4. Liver

Now that you have made your choices from the options given below each question, don’t forget to check out the answers. Following are the correct options to the trivia questions above:

  1. C. Episkyros
  2. B. 1930
  3. C. Uruguay
  4. A. Ken Aston
  5. C. Uruguay
  6. B. Laucien Laurent
  7. C. Bert Patenaude
  8. B. Diego Maradona
  9. C. Héctor Enrique
  10. B. Frank Rijkaard
  11. D. Diana Ross
  12. B. London
  13. C. Bhutan
  14. C. 2002
  15. B. Bladder

Final thoughts – This football trivia must have given you a unique insight into football history and tradition. Moreover, your knowledge of the game must have improved significantly. Refer a friend to try this trivia and match your scores to know who gets the bragging rights!