The 5 Favorites To Win The 2018 World Cup

This summer is one of the most important tournaments for all football fans.

It is time for a well-known FIFA World Cup which will be in Russia. Many football fans dream about buying the ticket and going to support their national team in Russia. But, don’t cry if you can’t do it.

You know that all TV companies will stream all matches and repeat all great actions. To get on the World Cup was very hard to some countries and we must admit that those qualifications were pretty intense.

So, let’s get started with all teams which have succeeded to qualify. In group A we have Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Uruguay. Any team in this group has very low chance to win the cup but Russia and Uruguay will be leaving the group as winners.

In the group B, we have European champions Portugal, plus Spain, which also has a great chance to win. Other teams like Morocco and Iran don’t have big chances to pass the group.

In the group, C is France who was the second on EURO 2016. Also, France has made a great job in qualification for this World Cup so they have pretty big chance to win this Cup. In this group, there are also Australia, Peru, and Denmark which are even and they don’t have much chance to get further than the group stage.

The group D  is filled with very good teams like Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, and Nigeria. I think that all teams will need to work hard to go further than the group stage. Argentina will also have a big chance to win the Cup but Croatia and Iceland are still on a level below teams like Portugal, France, and Argentina.

In the group E, we have Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Serbia. Brazil is a team that we always need to count on when we talk about winning the Cup, but Switzerland plays very good football. They have turned out very well in the qualifications so we have high expectations for them to deliver.

In the group F, we have Germany, Mexico, Sweden and the Korea Republic. Germany is one of the biggest favorites after winning last World Cup and great presentation in this qualification.

In the group G, I think that any team from Belgium, Panama, Tunisia to England don’t have big chances to win this cup. Yes, we need to admit that England played very well in the last few matches, but also we need to consider that their group is not that strong.

In the group H, (which is the last group) are Poland, Senegal, Colombia, and Japan. I think that any country can get a lot from the World Cup, but Poland is very young team which can grow and elevate in the future.



After we come through all groups we can say that Portugal, France, Argentina, Brazil, and Germany have a big chance to win because they all have great teams and play very nice football.

But, we don’t want to forget about teams like Switzerland, Iceland, Spain, Croatia, England, and Poland because any of those teams can make a surprise.  



If I knew that answer right now I would bet on that team.

It is hard to know because you need to take in consideration that this Cup plays in only a few weeks. That means that players can get exhausted very fast or even get injured during the tournament.

That little scenario can change a complete concept of some team and how they play.

The biggest chance to win belong to Germany and Argentina because they have the easiest matches in the group. Portugal needs to play a big match against Spain. Argentina needs to play against Iceland and Croatia which both have a chance to prove themselves as dark horses.

On the other hand, you have Brazil than needs to play with great Switzerland. England also has a hard task against Belgium.

But, a team that will definitely be a surprise will be Poland. They play great football and don’t have hard rivals in the group. After all, all depends on a lot of factors, the one and biggest is the knockout rounds.

And if you ask me who are my favorites, I only can say that Germany and Argentina will be at the very top and Poland will be the biggest surprise.



Mark is a football fan since he was 10 years old,  but also he plays foosball for ages. He loves to follow football on TV and have fun with his friend playing foosball table. You can check his blog about foosball – Foosball Zone.


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