Football Nutrition: The Best Foods to Build Strength and Muscle

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Successful athletes in football have created a balance in physical fitness, diet, and supplements.

They all work together to increase their strength as well as maintain the muscles. It is not all about being in the gym or outdoors undertaking the workouts, no!

When it comes to enhancement supplements, legit ones like HGH Sandoz Omnitrope 75 I.U will play a great role in maintaining your muscles at the level you want. However, our main focus here is on the best diet to deliver the same results for a footballer.


Chicken or Turkey breast

One may wonder why chicken breast and not any other part of poultry is recommended.

This part boasts fewer calories and more protein than other parts of the bird. Even though the difference is not much, this is very crucial for a footballer who has a dream to maintain his muscle and power.

According to Justin Pugh, who plays for New York Giants, outlining your diet early as a footballer is very crucial. None can afford to lose track of their goals, and that is why the food must be specific.

He has been using chicken breast when his meal has to contain poultry protein.


Lean ground beef

Again, here comes another specific protein.

As we all know, fat is a ‘no go’ for footballers and emphasizing lean, or extra-lean beef is paramount.

Beef has high protein and equally adds some calories to give energy. Ground beef is easily digested and assimilated into the muscle cells to support growth and maintenance.

Another football icon, Kony Ealy who plays for Carolina Panther agrees that beef is one of the main sources of power and muscle building for seasoned footballers. Apart from protein, it also supplies the muscle cells with minerals which help in better maintenance.



The Carolina Panthers football team nutritionist says that black beans are the best for footballers.

Apart from protein which everyone expects them to have in plenty, they contain a lot of carbohydrates that the athletes need to stay on the pitch or at the gym.

Beans make a perfect meal for footballers and can be taken with a wide array of food like rice, beef, poultry, and vegetables. Furthermore, all other types of beans are also a perfect source of protein for all daily meals including breakfast.


Fruits and vegetables

Any meal without a source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber is usually not effective. The muscle cells rely on various minerals and vitamins to stay healthy and be able to utilize the proteins for growth.

Dark green vegetables are rich in vitamin B, A and iron which maintains healthy cells. They can include broccoli, spinach, cabbage and kales, just to mention but a few.

Fruit, on the other hand, contains a wide array of vitamins including the much-needed vitamin C to facilitate healing and recovery of muscle cells. This enables the footballers to play and exercise without hindrances.

It is crucial to understand that fruits and vegetables must be mixed to ensure supply of all vitamins and minerals.


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