Liverpool and Arsenal: Why it annoys me when teams get hammered

It was Arsenal before the international break and Liverpool after it.

Both sides were thumped 4-0, and that it was Liverpool who inflicted the humiliation on Arsenal, only to be turned over by Manchester City, is an odd yet lamentable symmetry.

I do not support either side, in fact, they’re supposed to be a rival – supporting Manchester United myself. But when I see the shambolic performances and frankly disgusting attitude of the players, I cannot help but be annoyed.

I should be revelling in the respective side’s downfall, for surely neither side can compete for the title if they are able to be spanked so emphatically.



At Arsenal, the story is simply depressing.

A once-legend who has lost his way, overseeing the meekest team of his tenure – a side who will wilt under any pressure and are, to use an old cliché, not fit to wear the shirt.

How many times have we seen Arsenal capitulate? Far too many.

It is simply not enjoyable anymore, but actually rather saddening – that Arsenal fans are positively seething is completely understandable and the rage that ensues on Arsenal Fan TV is no longer entertaining, but merely affirming.



For Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp should be chastised.

Hiding behind veils of nothingness; ‘heavy metal football’ and ‘boom’ mean absolutely nothing. He is entertaining and you can see he clearly cares – no one will be more upset than Klopp in the aftermath of Liverpool’s performance at the Etihad.

Still, that is not to excuse the deplorable way in which he disregards the fundamentals of defending.

For Liverpool’s sake, Klopp needs to teach his defenders how to defend: if he is incapable, which he appears to be, hire someone. Liverpool will win absolutely nothing without a solid and organised defence.



Aside from the individual lamentations, it angers me so much when sides are humiliated because, above all, I am a fan.

I too have been on the receiving end when my team have been embarrassed; Chelsea away last year, for example. I know how it feels.

To see your players not performing, not even putting in the effort, seemingly unbothered, is soul-destroying.

Footballers are privileged to be paid for a game that billions love. To witness a lack of endeavour is criminal.

To be thumped by four or more goals, at any level, is criminal. This is why I become angry when I see top, historic, well-supported clubs thrashed – it simply should not happen.


Written by Michael Jones

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