Messi vs Ronaldo – A Clash of Legends

Duality is a common concept in human nature. Good vs. bad, day vs. night, etc.

When it comes to football players, there is really only one duality that counts – Leo Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo. While both are undeniably the greatest footballers of our era, each with dozens of highlight reels on them, the debate about who is better, and thus, as some say, the greatest of all time, has been ongoing for a decade. Judging by what those two are doing on the pitch, the discussion will go on probably for decades to come.

Almost a Complete Match in Skill and Trophies

Comparing six different disciplines, such as passing skills and dribbling skills, the two are a near exact match. Ronaldo does have an edge in headers, which is to be expected considering the height difference, but Leo has an edge in dribbling, thanks to his faster lateral movements and lower center of gravity.

Trophy wise, Leo leads with 21 trophies earned for his team, while Ronaldo can boast an impressive 15. In head-to-head encounters, counting some pretty unforgettable El Clasico’s, Leo also leads with 16 to 10. All in all, it seems that Leo has a numerical edge.

When you look at goal scoring, Ronaldo has scored more goals, but he has also played more games than Leo, but it is Leo who scores at a faster rate: He scores a goal every 100 minutes compared to Ronaldo’s 112. Just think about it, that means that statistically, no two whole games have passed in their entire careers in which they didn’t put the ball in the net.

Personal opinions and heated arguments between football fans aside, the guys at Betting-Sites have compiled impressive stats sheet to analyze both players from a numerical standpoint. And, unsurprisingly, the similarities are remarkable.

In the End, It’s a Matter of Personal Preference

As all football fans know, there is more to the game than just numbers. Both players have huge fan bases around the world. Who you choose to be your favorite depends on your view of them as players and persons, and there is probably no stat sheet that will change your mind.

As for the world? Well, it seems that Ronaldo is more likeable, having almost double the social media followers. That seems to go with their personalities. Leo is more of a quiet family guy, transforming into a dream killer on the pitch. And you rarely see him get emotional, even in nerve-wracking situations. If you watch a FC Barcelona game, you can often see him calmly running slowly and passing left and right, and then in an instant transforming into attacking lighting that defenses of the world are so afraid of.

Meanwhile, CR7 is flashy and thriving when in center of attention. From a dribbling style to an insanely lavish haircut, everything about Ronaldo seems to say: look at me, I am the best. His insane dribbling tricks, insane free kick lob shots that seem to drop into goals at the last moment.

And last but not the least – it seems showing of abs as goal celebration is a good way to make people like you, and make a huge amount of money in the process. That is probably the reason that, even though Messi has more trophies and wins, Cristiano has a bigger net worth.

Always Part of the Football News
If you want to read more about these two superstars, check out the website, where you can find the latest news about these two star players. Their teams are currently playing the quarterfinals of the Champions League, so there is a good chance that these two will meet again soon and write a new chapter in football history.