Why record-breaking women’s football match attendance is good for the sport

Another world record has been recently broken by women’s football, this time around in the game between the top of the world’s best women’s teams – Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. These two high tiered teams played in Atletico men’s stadium Wanda Metropolitano because the attendance turnout was higher than you would’ve thought.

Around 60000 people showed up for the game, which is higher than any football tips today or yesterday could have predicted. Exciting news for the women’s football, as it gains more popularity internationally after all this time.

The game was expected to be played at the training field, as is usual with women’s matches, but the rising demand for tickets ahead of time caused the team to switch. The huge stadium was filled, almost to the brim, by fans of both teams.

It is not surprising as the two sides have been showing some very good games over the past years. Now, it seems, both teams will have access to the huge stadiums as much as the men’s teams do.

The players were overjoyed with the experience, as were the fans. Some of them were commenting on how delightful it feels to receive this type of support from their fans, while others delighted in the feeling of scoring a goal in front of sixty thousand people. The game itself was an exciting watch, even though Atletico Madrid lost to Barca this time around.

Six matches left

The championship is coming to a close in six matches, and with this win, Barca has closed the gap between them and the leading Atletico by three points.

This means that the competition is only going to get more fierce as both sides try for first place. The goals were scored by Asisat Oshoala and Toni Duggan. The players were as impressed by the fans’ reactions as the fans were impressed by their performance.

The positive change in the number of fans attending women’s football events is exciting to see. The sport has had a following since its beginnings, but many have had a hard time accepting it for what it is – a great thing to watch. The trend of the past few years, and especially months, shows that there is a growing interest among fans in the sport.

The last record was held not too long ago at the Atletico Bilbao vs Atletico in the Copa del Rey game in January. With the end of the championship coming so fast and so soon, we can only expect that Europe might end up breaking the world record previously set by the US vs China women’s teams’ championship final.

Good for the sport

A development such as this is a sign of positive change for the sport.

Women’s football becoming more popular means more interesting players joining the ranks, more fans watching the game and the game possibly developing in ways we did not expect before.

It also means more games for us to watch, which is always a welcome thing. Hopefully, the coming matches and championships will show women’s football for what it is – a chance to see a great game.