Euro 2012: Team of the Night- Portugal

Taken from The Guardian

If anyone thought Portugal ain’t going far in this competition, they were mistaken. In one moment against Germany, they were outplayed, caught out of position and lost by one nil. The second game, they were lucky enough to score a winner from their respective substitute, Silvestre Varela. Nothing special yet. 

And when it came to the final game on group stages as well as their “win or go home” game, someone named as Cristiano Ronaldo made his name on the scoreboard twice and the mighty (not so mighty in this tournament) Dutch were beaten without winning a single game. Poor Netherlands.

The Portuguese’s number 7 show continued last night. An outstanding diving header against Czech Republic ensured them to get one step closer to become the winner of Euro 2012.

Sad piece, for some haters. But the fact that Ronaldo was playing superbly and when he’s at the best, you know he’s one of the best in the world. We simply can not deny it.

At the first twenty five minutes, Cristiano wasn’t able to make some impact. The fun started when Cristiano has a chance to scored with an overhead kick in the 33rd minute, who flew high wide. First warning to the Czech. And four minutes before halftime, he hits the post with a sexy FIFA turn and shot. Unlucky.

From what I’ve seen in the first half, Gebre Selassie who was given the task to guard Cristiano did well. Made some excellent clearance as well as good defending. No idea why Ronaldo didn’t test him with his speedy runs. I’m not sure if Gebre Selassie would’ve been able to catch up. But pity him, Cristiano’s header came from his lapse at the second half. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s men were even much better in the second half and fully dominated. Not even giving the Czechs a chance to shoot the ball, even Rui Patricio was caught on camera dozing off, wasn’t he? Haha, of course it’s not. Just joking around.

Yes, the world has noticed it. We all know how dangerous he is in the air and last night’s diving header, surly wasn’t his first time. But did anyone know where Gebre Sellasie was when Cristiano jumped and headed the ball? 

Correct, he was watching right behind Cristiano like there are musical shows from Mozart infront of him. No, that doesn’t mean I’m criticizing him. Indeed, he was very good in the group stage but it showed us that even a single lapse can be lethal.

Plus the Czechs were playing without their skipper, Tomas Rosicky who was out with knee’s injury,  which really hit them hard. Any counter attacking threat would be ineffective without him. Unlucky for them.

So that is it folks. My first piece in ten days because of those damn semester tests. Hope you enjoy this one and take care. Cheers.

PS: LeBron James won an NBA tittle and got the Finals MVP, while Cristiano Ronaldo carried his nation to the Euro’s semifinal. “Haters gonna be hate”, sure is a true quote.

Written by Jason Leonardo
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