Sydney FC: A Club On The Rise

Sydney FC is a football team based in Sydney Australia playing in the A-League. They have been around since 2004 since the beginning of the A-League. They have had numerous stars over the years including Harry Kewell, Lucas Neill, Dwight Yorke and even until now Brett Emerton who have both played for Australia and Trinidad respectively on many occasions… including World Cup appearances by all players.

Its fair to say that Sydney FC is one of the most successful teams in Australia and look to be on the rise as they develop their youth and buy more international stars. The game of Football is forever picking up in Australia, while it may never be as good as European leagues the A-League provides a great base for Australian football players to start their career and give them the great start needed to be successful in any of the overseas competitions.

Football in Australia is really on the rise and who knows maybe one day we will even see a world cup held in Australia which would be amazing just think how good the Sydney Olympics where!

Sydney FC have won 2 championships in 2006 and in 2010 and have come close many other times. Sydney are also the only club to have won the OFC Champions League. With their home ground at Allianz stadium (Formerly known as the SFS) holding over 45,000 people.

The club has high profile directors, board members and backers in general and a growing fan base making them a force to be feared in the Asian competitions in the next 5-10 years. Who knows maybe we will see Sydney FC take on some giant clubs in the future such as Manchester United and cause an upset.

With its youth, strong backing and great management team Sydney FC really is a club on the rise.


The A-League

The Australian top level league known as the A-League is also a competition on the rise. Started in 2004 after the failure of the National Soccer League. There are at the moment 10 teams in the league but they are looking to expand.

All 10 teams bar one are based in Australia with one team based out of New Zealand somewhat like the NRL Rugby League competition and the NBL which all include 1 New Zealand team. The competition is held in the summer months of Australia from October to April. the main reason they did this is there is less competition in Summer for sport in Australia with the only other competition for fans being the cricket.

In the winter there is AFL, Rugby and Rugby League all in Australia which make up the most popular sports. But the A-League has found its niche in summer as a new high growth sport. With more and more young fans and players joining all the time and crowd levels on the rise, the A-League will hopefully one day be known as in international standard football league.

With more and more players coming to join the A-League all the time not just to join Sydney FC but other A-League clubs, it won’t be long before its recognised the world over as a top flight football league


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