After England scored 6 goals against Panama their chances in the World Cup are looking good and even more football fans are flying over to Russia. However when abroad it is difficult to remember to stay safe, especially during such a big event, and be aware of the cultural differences.

Russia has a lot more to offer tourists, from the Valley of Geysers to Moscow Kremlin, but it is a very unique country with its own set of laws. Breaking these laws could ruin your trip and make you end up missing out on football antics, so Betfair have kindly put together a guide to keep you safe and ensure you have a good time.


Before travelling it is vital to remember your documents, such as a visa, which needs to be registered on arrival. Without this you won’t be watching any football games and it would have been a wasted trip.

You will need to find your way around as you don’t want to end up at one of Russia’s ‘sensitive sites’ and be locked up for trespassing. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the Cyrillic alphabet and carry a map at all times.

When going out it is custom to dress up if you want to get into the best clubs and remember not to ask for mixer with your vodka. Mixing your drink is viewed as disrespectful so wash it down with a lemon, but make sure you stay aware of your surroundings as Russian hooligans maybe lurking nearby.

Igor Miecik, a Polish journalist, says: “Once unleashed Russia’s football hooligans are very hard to calm and tell them to stop. The authorities have already pacified all hooligans as they all know they can’t do something which could paint the championship in a negative light, however be prepared just in case.


When taking photographs be careful not to include any government buildings. Official-looking buildings and any type of military-security structure are off limits and travellers have been arrested and fined in the past.

Russia have their own laws when it comes to drinking and taking drugs. Drinking in public places is forbidden and becoming involved with any type of drug can lead to varying degrees of punishment. Russia’s attitudes are also different when it comes to public signs of affection. A man and woman kissing may receive angry looks, while same sex couples are forbidden to hold hands, hug or kiss in public.

Additionally don’t be surprised if you’re stopped by the police. Don’t forget to carry a photocopy of your passport, visa and registration at all times, and remember to ask for an official receipt if a Russian authority asks for an unofficial payment.

If you follow these rules and the guide below you will have a trouble free vacation. Stay safe while enjoying the game and why not make it even better by checking out Betfair best odds on the world cup!