Feature: The Top Football Apps for the 2012/2013 Season

Do you feel something in the air? No it’s not the high pollen count making your allergies act up—it’s all of the excited football fans all around the world getting ramped up for the 2012/2013 soccer or football season—depending on what side of the world you live!

So whether you’re a hard core fantasy football leaguer or just a gent who enjoys catching the Saturday night match on the couch with a box of wings, there are some great soccer or football apps that will help mentally prepare you for this coming season’s football new faces, fierce drama, and competitive banter. And the best thing about them is that they’re mobile—so you can brush up on your football en route to the stadium, at work, or the next time your in laws come over to the house.

Here are the top football apps for the 2012/2013 soccer season…


1. ESPN Goals (Free – Android &iPhone)

You’re excited for Saturday’s Match of the Day; however, your wife has other plans for you. That’s quite alright because you have the ESPN Goals app so you can check up on real time score updates, share video highlights with friends, set up alerts so you receive goals, match highlights, weekend roundups, and halftime and fulltime clips when you customize this app to your favorite team. See, you won’t miss a bit of the action!


2. Live Score Addicts (Free – for Android & iPhone)

Noted as one of the most depended-upon football scores apps out there, Live Score Addicts will give even the most devout footballer or soccer fan all the action, video highlights, live tables, starting line-ups, player stats, and live up dates they need to get their fix. This app tracks 400 leagues and you can set up your own personalized push notifications so receive word of a match’s kick off as soon as the players hit the field and a goal as soon as one is scored.


3. iFooty World Plus ($2.99 – for iPhone)

If you’re truly a world football or soccer fan, then the iFooty World Plus app has it all covered—literally! This app covers the action of various football leagues worldwide. From Asia’s J. League 1 to South America’s Bundesliga League you can down low on every bit of football information you want, be it minute by minute commentary on your team’s star players, league tables, video clips, and even live chat with other football fans.


4. The Football App (Free – for Android & iPhone)

Just like the name suggests, the Football App is one of most comprehensive, jam-packed football/soccer apps for fans. You can use this app to follow multiple matches thanks to the app’s real-time live ticker tool, which serves up updates on all the action—i.e., goals, corners, fouls, live commentaries, video playbacks—as well as news and statistics on your favorite football clubs, teams, and even individual players!


5. Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre (Free – for Android & iPhone)

If you’re like me: the type of football or soccer fan that prefers the coverage of the game from a commentator rather than text alerts on my Samsung Galaxy S3 from TMobile, Sky Sports Live Football SC will be your new favorite app. This app delivers the goods via live commentary from the Sky Sports News Radio team—including all the match action, plus team news and player developments. Also, check out the handy “My Scores” tool that lets users pick the exact matches and teams they want to follow.


Bio: Jane Johnson is a staff writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone news, commentary, reviews and more.

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