The Football Workout That You Must Try

Are you looking to build your body for football? There are a few things to include in your training routines.

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Now, let’s come back to the main topic. There are a few key areas to hit for a football player. The following workouts will help you achieve this.

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Box Squat

Set up a barbell on the balances of your squat rack, and keep a box some feet behind you.

Note that this box should be low enough so that your thighs are parallel to the ground if you sit on it. For the move, you need to step underneath your bar to grab it with your hands broader than your shoulder width.

Now, nudge your bar off the rack to stand with your feet broader than your shoulder width. Then, bend the hips as well as knees by lowering the body onto the placed box.

If you pause for a second and abruptly stand back up, it will be considered as one rep here. I will ask you to do a minimum of five reps for good results.


Weighted Back Extension

For this workout, you must hold the weight against the chest and must lock the legs into a back-extension setup.

Thereby, you must make your torso bend forward in such a way that the hips are bent at a right angle. Now, you should extend the back such that the body is forming a linear line.

Then, lower the torso back down again to finish up your first rep. Try to do this workout for a minimum of four reps.



For this, you must catch your bar with your underhand grip. Make sure it’s just outside your shoulder width.

Now, pull the body up until the chin is above the bar. Then, squeeze the shoulder blades together. Now, again reverse the move to come back to the original position. This is taken as one rep here.

Although a minimum of three reps is recommended, I will ask you to do as many continuous reps as possible in thirty seconds for good results.


3B Face Pull

For this, you will have to fix a rope handle to the upper pulley of your cable station. Now, catch the end in your hands. Then, you will have to row the handle in front of your face by squeezing the shoulder blades together.

This way, the upper arms will come parallel to the ground. I will suggest you pull the rope apart while you are rowing it.

Don’t forget to reverse the move to come back to the original position to complete your first rep. You are advised to do at least three reps to get the best results.

So, getting a football body workout is not difficult anymore with the above-mentioned moves. Add these to your workout schedules today!


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