5 Tips on Improving Performance in the Offseason for Football Players

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After a heavy period of intense training, workouts and playing matches, the off-season comes, and there are no significant activities.

This is the time for the players to recover from their injuries and pain, in readiness for the next season. Athletes could get the temptation just to lie and do nothing, but any serious player cannot afford to do this.

Performance can be improved by doing proper weight training – plyometrics and cardio, and follow a healthy diet. To supplement the workouts and nutrition, the player should take safe and reliable steroids like Winstrol, Stanozolol – steroideurope.org to obtain the right physique for the next season.

The player can do the following to improve his performance in the off-season.



The priority for any football player during the off-season should be to improve to ensure they are in tiptop condition for the next season.

A player may not have suffered a major injury, but there are muscle imbalances and joint alignments that need to be taken care of. If these are ignored, they may cost the player dearly in the next season. Some soft tissue work like foam-rolling can help.

Also, vigorous stretching, mobility work, and joint-friendly movements can help.


Strength training

Enhancing arm strength should be a primary concern, not forgetting the back and the abdomen that equally needs strength training.

The player needs to train with weights and perform powerlifting to ensure lean muscle so that he can run in the field with ease. Repetitive workouts like squats are also useful to enhance leg strength and to keep slim.


Improving the functional range of motion

Experts advise players to take advantage of offseason to improve their functional range of motion, and mainly focus on their hips and mid back. This will increase their ability to change directions quickly, which is an added advantage for all football positions.

To achieve this, at least three yoga postures and motions can be incorporated in the offseason training for footballers. Workouts such as mid-back twisting can be used for warm-up.


Speed and agility training

Plyometric workouts can help improve speed and agility. These are exercises that employ explosive motions to produce a big force swiftly.

Players may start at their comfort level and later slowly increase the intensity level. Besides strength, football players must perfect their speed too.

The real movement part of training, including linear speed and change of direction, should not be neglected while concentrating on building strength. With an increase in speeds and agility, any injuries sustained will be significantly reduced.

Some drills that employ plyometric training include high knees, tuck jumps, squat jumps.



Proper nutrition cannot be emphasized enough, even in the offseason.

The on-season diet should be maintained so that the athlete remains healthy and won’t encounter difficulty in returning to the right shape at the start of the next season. Failure to observe proper diet and feeding pattern will necessitate extra cardio on resuming the field. Undereating should also be avoided.

A football player can improve performance in the offseason by observing the above things while using safe and reliable steroids to enhance his body fitness.


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