Dear US Soccer, please do not launch the World Cup NIT

This is a total parody of how U.S. sports culture works…it is amazing to see that major U.S. media outlets are running serious articles on this subject.  A World Cup NIT?  Not so fast.

Reading a flurry of articles over the past 48 hours, it is a common thread being spun on social and mainstream media that there needs to be a World Cup NIT (National Invitational Tournament as seen in U.S. men’s college basketball) event next summer in the U S.  The U.S. Soccer community on the heels of crashing out of the field for Russia 2018 are being urged to create a new World NIT event to be played next summer.  Are you serious?

This is a terrible idea.  The U.S. and other world heavyweights didn’t get the job done and don’t deserve to be in Russia next summer.  

Being the spoiled kids of world soccer and creating a new NIT event to suit your purposes would set the U.S. National Team back another four years.  Invest this time and energy into making the 2022 World Cup a reality instead of some B-level, second chance to salvage this 2018 generation of soccer in the country.  The future is now…stop living in the failure of the recent past.

But if you want to have an NIT for world soccer, let’s do this right…here comes the satirical response.

This new format championship would rival the event in Russia and certainly draw in many new fans from college football, basketball, and baseball.

Fellow World Cup absentees Italy, Chile, The Netherlands, Wales, Scotland, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Ghana, and Cameroon should all jump at the opportunity to play in this first-ever World NIT soccer event.  This field will certainly grow as Russia 2018 playoff losers will look to the new World NIT as a way to spend their summer 2018.

The event could be staged in major U.S. cities and to add some U.S. college football flavor it will feature a college bowl game format.  After the draw the teams will be placed not into traditional soccer pools but rather in head-to-head bowl games.  

Just imagine the excitement of multiple teams getting crowned champion of their bowl game…Chile versus Ghana in the Miami Beach Sunshine Bowl, Canada versus Italy in the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Bowl, The Netherlands versus Trinidad and Tobago in the Kansas City Bar-B-Que Bowl, and the U.S.A versus Cameroon in the San Francisco Golden Gate Bowl.  Wow…what an event.

To add some further intrigue and to mirror basketball and hockey, the games will be shortened to 60 minutes with each bowl match-up being a best-of-three game series.  The games would be played over three consecutive days and would be a simply awesome cash grab to draw out the outcomes with all the extra days.

The final icing on the World NIT cake would be microphones, cameras, and 24/7 coverage of your favorite team like a really bad reality show. Video Replay would be used on everything.  This would seal the deal of this event being more talked about than the other event happening in Russia.

We’ve seen this model of creating our own event to suit our purposes with the USFL and XFL and we all know how those turned out.

So step up U.S. Soccer community and do not create this event we’ve all been dreaming of since we cancelled our trips to Russia next summer.  In fact, let’s don’t even talk about this bad idea ever again.


Written by Forrest Wimberly

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