Why the World Cup NIT will make the USA sore losers

Reports are emerging that Americans are planning on making a tournament in summer for big nations that didn’t qualify for the world cup next year and some of the names of the teams that would reportedly feature at the mini-tournament are USA, Holland, Italy and Chile amongst others.

While many would argue that it would bring good entertainment if played just before the World Cup as a build up tournament,but the truth is it will only make them look like sore losers playing in a losers cup.

To put it in another way, USA wouldn’t in the first place be implying the idea had they qualified for Russia 2018. Yet again it may sound like a fairly enough good competition for invited nations to use youngsters but who would want to participate in second class tournament and risk injuries in post-season period where a lot of transfer business takes place?

Also those who did not qualify should be left to deeply reflect on their failure so that they can come back stronger next time which is the main point of a competition in football otherwise there wouldn’t be a need for World Cup qualifiers to determine who will play at the quadrennial tournament.

If this tournament goes through,it’s no brainer that big teams like Chile will bring their B-sides.

The Chilean team has never had a break from international football break in 4 years (Brazil World Cup 2014, Chile 2015 Copa America, USA 2016 Copa America Centenario and Russia 2017 Confederations Cup) therefore it would be logical to rest their A-team side and if all big teams bring in their B-teams then the tournament would get more daft and even more pointless.

If this is about federations generating money then it is totally out of principle,what would be the incentive to qualify in the future then?

Every team might as well get a participation medal at this certain “special” tournament, nobody needs a consolation tournament especially during the World Cup timeline.


Written by Bonno Macheng

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