Coventry City: Once a fan, Always a fan

Well a new football season is here and it sees my club Coventry City now playing their football in League Two.

I’ve been supporting the Sky Blues since the halcyon days of Jimmy Hill, and been there through all the highs and lows. When Jimmy took over we were a lowly Third Division club with no real ambition, and seemingly happy to be playing their football in the lower echelons of the Football League.

But Jimmy Hill had other ideas and when he said he would turn Coventry City into a top flight club, he was called a fantasist and a dreamer.


The Sky Blue Revolution

But he was true to his word and his “sky blue revolution” became a reality and he put the little West Midlands club on the football map.

It was a truly great time to be a Coventry fan and for a young kid like myself I was in football heaven.

He was a breath of fresh air and I went from watching teams like Halifax Town playing at Highfield Road our then ground, to seeing the mighty Manchester United and standing on a packed terrace seeing the likes of George Best and Bobby Charlton play.


Sad decline, but will never stop supporting the Sky Blue

But fast forward to the present time and here we are in the fourth tier division.

Sadly Jimmy Hill is no longer around and his revolution is just a fading memory, yet I’m a firm believer in the saying : “Once a fan, always a fan.”

So even though I’m sad and a little bitter at our decline I’ll be there on Saturday alongside fellow Sky Blue faithful, and hoping we start the campaign with a win against Notts County at the Ricoh Arena.


Can Coventry City ever get back to playing top flight football?

The answer to that is a firm NO to be brutally honest. Well not until our current owners go as they are an utter disgrace and have brought this proud club to its knees.

But they are showing no signs of going so it’s through gritted teeth and just downright stubbornness that I keep on supporting my club, when so many other fans keep away in protest in disgust at our owners from hell.

We all love the beautiful game with all its faults but to be a Coventry City supporter you do need to have skin as thick as a rhinoceros, and have the patience of Job.

So I’ll end by saying : UP THE SKY BLUES!


Written by Kevin Halls

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