A Guide To Football Gloves Worn By English Premiership Goalkeepers

The style and design of goalkeeper gloves is an important factor for Premiership goal keepers. There are three categories of goalkeeper gloves; the traditional flat palm glove, the negative cut and the roll finger cut. 

Every Premiership goalkeeper has his own choice of preference depending on his attributes as a keeper, and if you are looking for the right goalkeeper glove that will help your game this guide on gloves worn by Premiership goalkeepers will help you make an informed decision.

Flat Palm Cut Goalkeeper Gloves

For a long time the flat palm cut was the most popular goalkeeper glove. Because the design is the traditional goalkeeper glove that was used when gloves were first introduced to the game it has remained a constant in the game. They have gussets stitched on the outside which causes each of the finger spines to make a box shape around the fingers. 

For this reason the flat palm cut is sometimes referred to as the box cut. The glove is cut slightly tight and it is often the case that the goalkeeper needs a pair that is a half size too big, if not a while size. The problem then is that the glove can feel a little lose. 

With two gussets stitched into the palm of the glove the flat palm cut doesn´t give you as tight a feel on the ball and is favoured by continental goalkeepers who are more accustomed to punching the ball away rather than catching it. 

Pepe Reina of Liverpool is one of the few goalkeepers playing in the Premiership that wears a flat palm cut.


The Roll Cut Finger Goalkeeper Gloves

The roll cut finger goalkeepers glove is a modern design and has become increasingly popular amongst Premiership goalkeepers over the last five years. Unlike the flat palm cut, the roll cut finger does not use gussets. 

Instead the palm is directly attached to the backhand which gives it a snug fit and the latex wraps around the fingers to give the goalkeeper a better feel of the ball upon contact. 

It is a glove that suits the type of football played in the English Premier league where keepers are more inclined to catch the ball as opposed to Europe or South America, although the roll cut finger is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world outside Britain. 

Goalkeepers in the Premier League that wear the roll cut finger include Paul Robinson (Blackburn Rovers), David de Gea (Manchester United), Ben Foster (West Bromwich) and Robert Green (West Ham United)

Negative Cut Goalkeepers Gloves

The negative cut goalkeeper gloves is similar in style to the flat palm cut in that it is made from a single spread of latex and has two gussets stitched into the palm of the hand. The only difference is that the stitching in the negative cut is on the inside rather than the outside so you can´t see the seam. 

It´s a more comfortable fit than the traditional method used in the flat palm cut and offers a better feel of the ball when catching and throwing. 

It also has the distinction that the snug fit means the latex will not twist when you come into contact with the ball meaning you will have less chance of spilling it, and also offers a better technical grip than the other two which gives you an advantage in wet conditions. 

It is particular ideal for goalkeepers with long thin fingers and is particularly popular with women and children. 

The negative cut goalkeeper club is most popular in Germany and other parts of Europe, but is worn by Peter Cech of Chelsea in the Premiership and was the preferred choice of Edwin van der Saar during his time at Manchester United.



Goalkeeper gloves have seen revolutionised designs in recent years that have been distinctively geared towards the nature of the game. Take a look on the KeepersKit Gloves website to buy your own pair from a large selection. 

There are many well-known brand names of goalkeeper glove and the choice you make is down to personal preference. But now when you choose your goalkeeper glove you will at least have an idea of which type you want, even if it is just because that is the goalkeeper glove your favourite Premiership goalkeeper wears.

Image Credits: Ronnie MacDonald and Wikipedia.

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