Stating the Obvious: Why Everyone Should Play Soccer?

The question shouldn’t be “Why You Should Play Soccer?” it should be why shouldn’t you play soccer.

Besides it being a fun and electrifying sport, there’s a ton of exciting reasons to do so. Soccer’s one of the few sports with a single must-have item, a ball and can be played anywhere.


A recreational sport

Growing up I played soccer practically everywhere with my friends, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, beaches, streets and even in my parent’s living room, the primary reason for whenever my parents grounded me.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard the phrase, “The house is not a playground.”

I loved playing the sport so much that I heard it weekly. It’s a sport that everyone can play swiftly recreationally and competitively even if you are not the most athletic person but is determined to work hard.


Healthy work ethic

Soccer instills in you a healthy work ethic, it not only helps you develop into a magnificent soccer player but it translates off the field in real life.

It teaches you leadership, an invaluable commodity that doesn’t come by so easily, placing you in position for the experience because there’s always a time when your teammates are looking for someone to step up to lead and there are times when that will have to be you.



An immense benefit of soccer that shouldn’t be kicked around is sportsmanship, learning how to play the game with class and grace from coaches, teammates, referees as well as grasp the repercussions for bad sportsmanship.

Another thing that can’t go unnoticed is the perseverance you receive from soccer, it’s ultimately the prep course allowing you to establish it for the real world because you’re going to encounter so many obstacles but you can’t ever let it discourage you.


Written by Shamar English

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