Football Poem: Racism in the Premier League

We are under attack
that is for sure
In the English Premier
League, and more.
What is going on in
the English football
world of sport?
We have to look much
harder – and quickly

Racism is a coward it
always has to hide
Within the vocal chords
of some people at a
game – but the players
should all stand side
by side.
Racism is ugly and it
there is no place for
it anywhere
Be gone you racism cos
we do not really care.

In life, in sport, in religion –
racism you are not welcome
We banish you for ever
and we will welcome the
Football is a clean and
friendly sport and we
all hear the call.
And racism when you do
disappear – we will all
feel ten feet tall!

Racism has NO place
anywhere as it is so
nasty and vile
And when that does
happen footballers
will play with more
So the football world
will be free to play
their game in freedom
And never, ever, suffer,
from the vile of horrible

Darryl Ashton

Written by Darryl Ashton 

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