A Football Poem: Harry Kane and England’s quest to Russia 2018

Connect in the back of the net

My name is Harry Kane

and I am a classy foot-


I play in the English

Premier League and I

score goals like there’s

no tomorrow!


I am also the captain

of England – but I didn’t

want the role,

But my friend Wayne

Rooney is no more –

and I heard the boss’s


We played a game at

Wembley in a World

Cup qualifying game,

We want to go to

Russia 2018 – and to

“win” – but I think we

play too tame!


We should play a whole

lot better, as we’re all

paid mega-bucks,

But every time we do

play – our performance

really sucks!

I even met my hero –

the brilliant Sir Bobby


He actually won the

coveted World Cup,

a success we’ve never

latched on.


In a conversation, Sir

Bobby laughed at me,

He said: ‘Play as good

as you can – but you’ll

never match my


My name is Harry Kane

and I play for the England

football team,

But the way we played

recently – winning the

World Cup is just a dream.


We were a laughing stock,

that was so obvious,

But England used to be

brilliant – and we played

and won without any fuss!

So now we’re going to

Russia, in 2018 –

To take part in the World

Cup – my God, it really has

to be seen!


We will raise our game

as the manager isn’t


Poor Gareth Southgate –

he’s now being squeezed!

Here’s to Russia and our

victory, supreme,

Well, why not – anyone

can dream!


We’ll walk shoulder to

shoulder and watch the

England flags fly,

But when we all fly back

home – at least we did

all try!


Written by Darryl Ashton Darryl Ashton

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