Connect in the back of the net

The match had begun,

The cheering was loud,

The players spurred on

By the size of the crowd.


Passing was brilliant,

Defending first class,

Then a red card was


By the ref – what an



That was never a foul,

He dived – it’s a fix!

Those clowns with the


They both need white



Now we do have a


With only ten men,

But we’ve done it

before –


We can do it again.

The tackles turned


The language was


Then Billy O’Neill

Kicked the ball with

such force.


It blasted its way

To the back of the

net –

The look on Bill’s


I shall never forget.


We went on to win

The coveted shield,

And carried O’Neill

Shoulder high off the



Bursting with pride,

We were all in seventh

heaven –

The lads in our school’s

Under-eights first eleven.


The difference was

evident there wasn’t any


Just goal-scoring chances,

which they were creating.


The joys of school-boy

football should be on


And when they all do

graduate – they’ll all

have an English Premier

League CV.


Written by Darryl Ashton Darryl Ashton

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