A Football Poem: Welcoming The New Premier League Season

Connect in the back of the net

The football season is now

warming up and the players

are playing warm-up games,

New players are on display

but I don’t know their names!

Pre-season it is called and

it starts very soon,

New talent on show which

should make us swoon.


From the lower league teams

to the big names we see,

New talent on show while

we drink our tea.

New signings are made –

big money is paid,

If you get in the English

Premier League – you have

got it made.

The lower league’s too are

exciting to watch,

And if they win – they drink

their scotch!


But money is the key and

the attraction –

Millions of pounds is NO


Even the referees are all

under stress,

And also his assistants –

they have to address.


The linesmen are all

stressed, at every game

they entwine,

That’s because their job

is always on the line!

So welcome a new start

to the English Premier


It kicks off in August –

with such intrigue.


Watch the new talent

show off their skills,

But cut out all that

diving – or you’ll be

banished to the hills.

New managers too are

parading their team,

What they thought was

an incredible dream.


We welcome August for

the sport we all love,

English Premier League

football – it is my trove!

Enjoy the talent of the

stars on show,

But they are all over paid –

this we all know.


The new football season,

in England is near,

‘Hip-pip hooray – I’ll drink

to that, my dear!’

And goal-line technology

has been brought in,

So we all will see that

kick on the shin!


When the ball does cross

the line as we see,

The video camera will

prove it to me!

The swearing is banned –

the verbal is too,

If you obey the ref – he’ll

be fair with you.

Kissing is out and so is

the spitting,

Just a hug and a hand-

shake – that’s all that is



Enjoy the football as it

starts real soon,

Sit down and watch it on

TV, at noon.

The blessed talent on offer

is for the world to see,

Watch it on Sky Sports;

‘oh, I wish it was FREE!!!!’


Written by Darryl Ashton Darryl Ashton

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